Lunga River

Western Lunga Lunga and West, is a river in the northwestern province of Zambia. It rises north of Mwinilunga at Kalene Hill in the rain forest area of ​​the Zambian cusp between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo and ends in the West Lunga National Park in the Kabompo. The Western Lunga is over 300 kilometers long, is rich in fish and is regarded by anglers with views of the up to 15 kg Tigersalmler as a desirable tourist destination.

The river Western Lunga Lunga is to be distinguished from the river, which flows into the Kafue.

- 11.75833333333324.429166666667Koordinaten: 11 ° 45 '30 " S, 24 ° 25' 45" E

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