Lunik was a Swiss music band that played mainly by its early years in the spherical Trip Hop later pop and rock music. On 11 December 2013 Lunik gave in culture Casino Bern their official farewell concert together with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. On 1 January 2014, there was one last small addition in Interlaken.

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Band History

Lunik was founded in 1997 by Adi Amstutz, Luk Zimmermann, Mats Marti, Walo Müller and Anton Höglhammer. In 1998, the singer Jael Malli added to the band, Anton Höglhammer left the band. A year later appeared the first, stylistically in the field trip-hop album Rumour is moved. After accompanying tour bassist Walo Müller decided to leave the band. With the second album Ahead Lunik made ​​a big step towards pop music. Live the band of Oli Müller was supported on bass. Adi Amstutz left the band and was not replaced by a new member. Instead of electronics Jael, Zimmermann and Marti planted higher on acoustic sounds and released the album Weather. On the Weather Tour and also on the subsequent acoustic tour they were supported by Cédric Monnier on keyboards and Jacob Suske on bass.

Was published in 2004, the live album Life Is on Our Side. In 2005, Jacob Suske and Cédric Monnier, the Lunik already through Switzerland, Austria and Germany supported a longer time in live performance, taken as the band members. At the same time left drummer Mats Marti the band. In early 2006, joining Chrigel Bosshard as the new drummer to Lunik.

The fourth studio album Preparing to Leave appeared in September 2006 and debuted at number one in the Swiss album charts. The album received a few weeks platinum status, which means at least 30,000 copies sold in Switzerland. The first single Little Bit had already appeared in the summer of 2006.

On April 17, 2009, the best-of album Lonely Letters, containing re-recorded and arranged songs from the previous albums appeared. With fans and critics, the result was recorded rather critical.

The long-awaited fifth studio album Small Lights in the Dark was released in February 2010, initially in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, accompanied by the first single People Hurt People, but was released in May in Germany.

On 20 January 2012, the band announced that drummer Chrigel Bosshard had to leave the band in late 2011 and from then on they continue as a trio.

After her album released in September 2012 What is next they went from October to December in Switzerland on tour. While some of these concerts were a duet with Thomas Godoj. Just as he arrived in Switzerland to perform with Lunik, so Jael came in December 2012 to his So wanted tour to Germany with him the song What If I - to sing the moment. The song was written a few weeks earlier at a meeting in a Berlin studio by both artists and Luk Zimmermann .. Dissemination he found on the album by men are so Godoj, which went on sale on 31 May 2013.

At the end of 2013, the band will dissolve, shared this on 27 July 2013.

With shots from Farewell Concert in Bern - In spring 2014, the concert documentary appears "the last concert Lunik ".


The music of the debut album Rumour can be described as spherical trip hop. In addition to singing dominate electronic sounds and rhythms. The second album Ahead is a very unique interpretation of modern pop music, like the previous album, yet with a high proportion of electronics, but a less melancholy mood. Turning to actual pop occurs at the third album Weather in the foreground. Catchy melodies, which are primarily driven by acoustic guitar and hand drums played rhythms.

The lyrics are about love and interpersonal relationships, but also of self-esteem, insecurity or feeling moods.

Band Members

After a variety or line-up changes, the band consists of:


Jael Malli who only calls himself as a singer Jael, is the singer of Lunik. She arrived in 1998 as a guest vocalist on Lunik. In summer 2000, she completed already as a full member of the band, their teachers seminar from. Together with Luk Zimmermann founded Jaël in 2007, the band MiNa, whose debut album Playground Princess appeared in the same year.

Luk Zimmermann

Luk Zimmermann is a guitarist and also responsible for the production work in the studio. Zimmermann was born on August 3, 1973 in Body of town, the son of Giovanni and Lis Zimmermann. He has a sister. How Jael he is a teacher, but has never worked as such. He devoted himself instead to his work as producer and musician. He currently lives in Bern.

Zimmermann is involved along with Jael also on MiNa project.

Cedric Monnier

Cedric Monnier was born on 25 July 1977 in Zurich. Since 2003, he strengthened as a keyboard player of the band. In 2005 he became an official member of the band.



  • Rumour - 1999 (CH)
  • Ahead - 2001 (CH), 2002 (DE ) 2003 ( USA)
  • Weatherford - 2003 (CH ) 2004 ( Germany ) (South Africa ) 2005 ( AT)
  • Life Is on Our Side - 2004 (Live ) (CH ) 2005 ( Germany )
  • Preparing to Leave - 2006 1 September 2006 ( CH / DE / AT)
  • Lonely Letters - 2008
  • Small Lights in the Dark - 2010
  • What Is Next - 2012
  • Encore - 2013


  • Rumour - 1999 (CH)
  • Other Side - 1999 (CH)
  • Static - 2001 ( CH)
  • Waiting - 2002 ( CH)
  • The Most Beautiful Song - 2003 ( CH ) 2004 ( DE)
  • Summer's Gone - 2004 ( CH)
  • Go On - 2005 (D / AT)
  • Little Bit - 2006 ( CH / DE / AT)
  • Life Is All Around You 2006 ( DE / AT Promo)
  • Preparing to Leave - January 26, 2007 (CH)
  • Life Is All Around You ( Summer edit) (DE / AT Promo)
  • Through Your Eyes - 2007
  • People Hurt People - 2010
  • How Could I Tell You - 2010
  • Me - Time - 2012


  • Lunik - the last concert - 2014


  • Ritiplampe ( " Merfen Orange Lunik " to " Ohrewürm, Volume 3")
  • Lunik - the last concert DVD - 2014

Jael and ...

  • DJ Tatana feat. Jael - Always on My Mind
  • Delerium feat. Jael - After All
  • Mich Gerber feat. Jael - You Remain
  • Mich Gerber feat. Jael - Stop Crying
  • Zürich West / Kuno Lauener - Schötem ( cover version of Je t'aime ... moi non plus on Aloha from Zürich West )
  • Mensano feat. Jael - Does not Care ( never released, only myspace Preview)
  • Mensano feat. Jael - Belong Nowhere ( never released, only myspace Preview)
  • Delerium feat. Jael - Lost and Found
  • Schiller feat. Jael - Tired
  • Schiller feat. Jael - I Need You
  • Delerium feat. Jael - Light Your Light