Luninets Raion

The Rajon Luninets (White Russian Лунінецкі раён; Russian Лунинецкий район ) is an administrative unit in the east of Breszkaja Woblasz in Belarus with the administrative center in the city Luninets. The Rajon has an area of 2,700 km ², comprises 82 villages and is divided into 12 Selsawets.


The Rajon Luninets was formed in its current boundaries on 15 January 1940. Its history can be traced back to 14th century: The oldest village in Rajons, the present village Lunin was first mentioned in 1432, the first mention of Luninets goes back to the year 1449. A significant role in the economic development of the region in the 19th century is attributed to the construction of the railway lines in Polesia.


The Rajon Luninets lies to the east of the Breszkaja Woblasz. The Nachbarrajone in Breszkaja Woblasz are in the northwest Hanzawitschy, to the south and west Stolin Pinsk.

The largest rivers are Pripyat, Zna and Bobryk.