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Lupburg is a market in the Upper Palatinate district of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz.

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Geographical Location

The place is located on a Jurassic cone over the valley of the Schwarze Laber.

Community structure

The municipality has 24 Lupburg officially named districts:

  • Bux
  • Degerndorf
  • Dettenhofen
  • Eggenthal
  • Fish House
  • Mountain of God
  • Haid
  • Height of mountain
  • Höhendorf
  • Lupburg
  • Mantlach at the Laaber
  • Grange
  • Neuhaid
  • Neuhof
  • Niederhofen
  • Pöfersdorf
  • Pöllenhaid
  • Prünthal
  • Racke village
  • Rammersdorf
  • Lake
  • Seibertshofen
  • Tower mill
  • Wiesel Bruck


Lupburg was first mentioned in 960. With the death of Conrad of Lupburg 1313 (since 1296 Bishop of Regensburg ), the local noble family of Lupburger died out and their castle Lupburg and the place came into the possession of the Prince-Bishopric of Regensburg. 1387 acquired Duke Frederick of Bavaria possession. 1392 market Lupburg the knight Hans von Parsberg was pledged and remained until 1572 owned by the Parsberger. Then, the place came to the Duchy of Pfalz- Neuburg and became the seat of a Pflegamtes. Under Count Palatine Philipp Ludwig of place on October 21, 1586 was awarded market rights and the coat of arms. With the founding of the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1806 the Pflegamt Lupburg was dissolved. Today's church was built with the municipality edict of 1818.


On January 1, 1972, a part of the dissolved municipality lake was incorporated with the villages Seibertshofen, Niederhofen and Dettenhofen. Since May 1, 1978 includes the greater part of the dissolved municipality Degerndorf market Lupburg.


Market council

The market town council has 15 members ::

  • Independent Party Free Wählergemeinschaft 8 seats
  • CSU 6 seats
  • SPD 1 seat

(As at municipal election held on 3 March 2008)

Coat of arms

Blazon: Shared; above nine silver and blue diamonds, topped with a red embattled tower; below in blue with a silver bar.

The coat of arms has been known since 1586.

Culture and sights


→ List of monuments in Lupburg


  • Wind turbine Enercon E -101 with 149 meter hub height in the district Pöfersdorf.