The Lurs or Loren are an entity belonging to the Iranian peoples ethnicity and main settlement area around the Zagros Mountains in western Iran. In addition, the Southeast of Iraq is considered as a settled area lurischer tribes.

The lurische clothing similar to that of the ancient Persian tribes and the lurische language ( Lori) is an Iranian language, closely related to Persian. Lori is divided into two main dialects. Lure Bozorg ( "larger Lur " ) is spoken in the south of the Bachtiyaris. Lure Kuchik ( " smaller Lur " ) is common in the north in the settlement area of ​​the Lurs. Both the Lurs in the North and living in Lorestan Kurds also divided into the groups Poshte cow ( " beyond the mountains " ) and Pishe cow ( " this side of the mountains ").

Until the 20th century the majority of Lurs lived as nomadic herders, with a small urban minority in the provincial capital Khorramabad. The traditional dwellings of the nomads are black tents ( siah chador ), open shelters with canopy ( kula ) in summer and stone houses ( zemga ) with layered walls made ​​of stones in winter.

During the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi the Lurs were suppressed. The formerly nomadic people were forced to become sedentary and many of its leaders were executed, to keep it targeted "under control".