Lutzingen is a municipality in the Swabian district of Dillingen on the Danube and a member of the administrative community Blenheim on the Danube.

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Lutzingen is located in the Region of Augsburg.

There are the following districts: Lutzingen, Unterliezheim.


The church today part Unterliezheim was mentioned in his monastery for the first time in the year 1026 as Liedesheim documented. The 1250 first mentioned place belonged to the Duchy of long Neuburg -Sulzbach and his court Blenheim. Lutzingen was in 1703 and 1704 severely affected by the battles of Blenheim Blind Home. Since 1777 the area was part of the Electorate of Bavaria. Created in 1818 with the Edict community in the Kingdom of Bavaria today's political community.


On May 1, 1978, incorporated in the course of municipal reform until then independent municipality Unterliezheim after Lutzingen.

Population Development


Mayor since 2008 Eugen Götz ( CDU).

The council has eight members. The municipal election of 2008 led to the following distribution of seats:

  • Voting bloc Unterliezheim: 3 seats
  • SPD: 2 seats
  • CSU: 2 seats
  • CDU: 1 seat

The municipal tax revenue amounted to the equivalent of € 450,000 in 1999, which amounted to the trade tax revenues ( net) converted € 57,000.


  • Catholic parish church of St. Michael and parsonage in Lutzingen
  • Mount of Olives Chapel in Lutzingen
  • Catholic parish church of St. Leonhard in Unterliezheim
  • Mount of Olives Chapel in Unterliezheim from 1733
  • Former monastery Unterliezheim
  • Built a monastery brewery Unterliezheim, 1772/75
  • Eichbergerhof ( Historic building in which Prinz Eugen was staying in the battle of 1704)
  • Goldbergalm ( restaurant and guesthouse on top of Gold Mountain)

→ List of monuments in Lutzingen

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

It was in 1998 according to official statistics in the manufacturing sector and 56 in the area of ​​trade and transport any social insurance contributions at the workplace. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 390 in the manufacturing sector there was one, in the construction industry also has an operation. In addition, in 1999, there were 44 farms with an agricultural area of 653 ha, of which 439 ha of arable land and 210 ha of permanent grassland.


There are the following facilities (as of 1999):

  • Kindergarten: 25 kindergarten places with 27 children


  • Martin Königendorfer, writers, 1785-1834 pastor in Lutzingen.