Luxembourg railway station

  • French - Luxembourg border
  • Luxembourg Echternach ( decommissioned)
  • Luxembourg - Kleinbettingen
  • Luxembourg - Remich ( decommissioned)
  • Luxembourg - Spa
  • Luxembourg - water cheap
  • Petingen - Luxembourg


The Luxembourg railway station ( Gare Luxemburg Luxembourgish, French Gare Centrale ) is the main railway station of the capital by Luxembourg.

It is operated by the State of Luxembourg railway company CFL. It is the largest train station in the country and the crossroads of all railway lines and Luxembourg also important interface of rail transport from neighboring countries, Belgium, France and Germany. Since June 2007, the TGV also runs on the new high-speed line LGV Est to Paris. Currently (2009) the station will be rebuilt on a large scale and renovated.

"Luxembourg Central " is the ambitious project, which, roofing over the tracks at Central Station and to build on the adjacent land with apartments, offices, a cinema and other things.

Mid-October 2010 opened a built prefabricated park at the station, which is to fulfill its function until a new parking garage in the area of ​​rocade de Bonnevoie is completed.


The station was opened in 1859. The current station building was built in the years 1907 to 1913 by the German architect Alexander Rüdell, Jüsgen and Scheuffel in neo-baroque style. Landmark is the imposing bell tower.

Mounted on the side was in a pavilion, which is connected to the main building by an arcade, the Fürstenbahnhof of the Grand Duke, the home to a bistro for various social and cultural changes of use recently.