Luxury vehicle

Upper Class is the name for the highest passenger car segment of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office. In the vehicle segments, the European Commission calls this segment luxury or E segment, upper class called there again the upper middle class within the meaning of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office. This class contains large, comfortable, powerful and therefore very expensive vehicles. The American full-size cars correspond to the upper class in size, but not necessarily in engine and equipment. Sales of luxury cars is becoming increasingly difficult. A common means of securing sales are made ​​tactical approvals.

In this class, usually only sedans, coupes and convertibles are offered, but no station wagon. Because many vehicles are getting bigger and also motorized also stronger over time, the description provides a vehicle class is always a snapshot dar.

Current Models

Audi A7 Sportback

Audi A8

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Mulsanne

BMW 6 Series

BMW 7 Series

Cadillac XTS

Holden Statesman / Caprice

Hyundai Equus

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XK

Lexus LS Series

Lincoln MKS

Maserati Quattroporte

Mercedes -Benz CLS-Class

Mercedes -Benz S-Class

Mercedes -Benz S -Class Coupe

Mercedes -Benz SL-Class

Mercedes -Benz SLS AMG

Porsche Panamera

Rolls- Royce Ghost

Rolls- Royce Phantom

Rolls- Royce Wraith

SsangYong Chairman

Tesla Model S

VW Phaeton

Toyota Century

Features 1990

Full-size cars decreed in 1990 in the base model for at least six cylinder, 3.0 liter engine and an engine power of 130 kW. An exception was the Mercedes 260 SE is a model of the W 126 series. This had an engine with 2.6 liter displacement and 118 kW. Eight - cylinder engines were ( only later, from 1992, also at BMW ) available at Audi, Lexus and Mercedes. In addition, the full-size cars from BMW and Jaguar with twelve- cylinder engines were available. Diesel engines played in 1990 in the upper class still does not matter. Only Mercedes built the S-Class with a diesel engine, but only for export to the United States.

The vehicle length of luxury vehicles began in 1990 at about 4.9 meters and ended in the long-wheelbase versions at about 5.20 meters.

Luxury saloons possessed almost exclusively on rear-wheel drive, only with the presentation of the Audi V8 in 1988 a new Engine in this vehicle class was introduced with the all-wheel drive. From the mid- 1990s, the front-wheel drive was also increasingly used.

Examples 1990

Audi V8

Bentley Mulsanne

BMW 7 Series

Cadillac Brougham

Jaguar / Daimler XJ40

Lexus LS 400

Lincoln Town Car

Maserati Quattroporte

Mercedes -Benz S-Class

Rolls- Royce Silver Spur

Toyota Century

1990 data

Historic luxury cars

Cadillac DeVille (1962 )

Gaz 13 Chaika ( 1959-1981 )

Jaguar XJ ( Mark I ) ( 1972)

Horch 670 twelve-cylinder (1932 )

Horch Sport Cabriolet (1938 )

Jaguar Mk V ( 1948)

Lincoln Continental (1961 )

Mercedes -Benz 220 S ( 1959-1965 )

Mercedes -Benz 250 SE Convertible ( 1965-1972 )

Mercedes -Benz W 100 (1964-1981)

Opel Diplomat B (1969-1977)

Tatra 603 (1957-1975)

Registrations in Germany

For figures on annual new registrations of passenger cars of the upper class segment in Germany according to statistics from the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, see the list of registrations of new passenger cars in Germany by segment and model series # superclass.