LV2 is the successor to the audio plug-in interface Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API ( LADSPA ) for communication between host applications, audio effects and filters in Linux. LV2 replaces the DSSI interface for integrating virtual instruments. The source code is provided under the LGPL.

While the predecessor LADSPA was only to be used as a filter or static sound generator due to lack of MIDI event controller can send with LV2 also notes and controller events to virtual sound producers such as synthesizers and samplers. Individual graphical interfaces of the individual plug-ins are under LV2 also enabled. Thus LV2 includes similar functionality to the proprietary Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Currently, the specification of the interface in the development and there are still changes to be expected. However, some developers are already existing because plug-ins to the new standard to port and test.