LWN.net is an online magazine that deals mainly with topics relating to Linux, Unix and free software. Published once a week called Weekly Edition and other daily articles, each with a comment option.

Since LWN.net (originally an acronym for Linux Weekly News ) in 1998, it is one of the most important information sites on Linux topics. LWN is mainly aimed at people interested in technical and is particularly praised for its detailed coverage of kernel threads.

While advertising generates only a small part of the revenue to LWN relies mainly on Subscriber, so users who pay a monthly fee and for more recent messages received ( non- Subscriber must always wait a week until an item is visible) off, advertisement can get and contents by e -mail sent to you.


LWN was founded in 1998 by Jonathan Corbet and Elizabeth Coolbaugh. In 2002, the site has been redesigned, including the ability to leave comments .. Corbet was 2005 that it was no longer financially possible LWN to continue operating. Then, a payment model was introduced, allowing the paying readers early access to new products.


Currently write four people at LWN, plus some free journalists whose articles are sometimes published. Editor in Chief is still Jonathan Corbet, more authors are Jake Edge, Rebecca Sobol and Nathan Willis. At times, belonged to the kernel developer Michael Kerrisk the editorial.