Lycia et Pamphylia

Lycia et Pamphylia was a Roman province in Asia Minor.

The province was established around 74 AD under Vespasian, after Lycia in AD 43 had been founded as an imperial province already. Pamphylia belonged until then to the province of Galatia ( in 25 BC). Before ( from 102/101 BC) the pamphylisch - ostlykische coast had belongs to the province of Cilicia; after its dissolution by 44 BC was one part of Pamphylia to the province of Asia. From Hadrian or Antoninus Pius the double province Pisidia was added. Under Marcus Aurelius was senatorial and divided 311-325 and assigned to the diocese of Asiana.

For geography, history and individual towns see Lycia and Pamphylia.