Lycoming O-360

Lycoming O -360 is the name of a piston aircraft engine family of the U.S. manufacturer Lycoming. All engines in this series are air-cooled 4-stroke boxer engine with four cylinders.


With a bore of 130.2 mm and a stroke of 111.1 mm, the displacement is thus 5916 cc. The engine was introduced in 1955 and is still in production today. Various types have injection ( ID I) and turbocharger ( ID T). For use in helicopters, there are special versions with the identifier H ( formerly V). Other engines of the manufacturer with the same bore and stroke are the six-cylinder engines Lycoming O- 540 and the eight-cylinder Lycoming O- 720th Do not confuse the O -360 with the Continental IO-360, this is in spite of similar designation a six-cylinder boxer with injection from a different manufacturer ( Teledyne Continental Motors ).


  • O-360/LO-360: Source engine, which was approved on 20 June 1955. It is still in production and makes, depending on the model between 108 kW and 157 kW. It is used in a number of known aircraft such as the Cessna 172 or Piper PA -24. In helicopter Robinson R22 it is used. Since 2001, Teledyne Continental, a conversion of the O -360 on a fuel injection admitted that also has a FADEC.
  • VO- 360: variant for the helicopter used in the Brantly B -2A with an output of 134 kW at 2900 min -1. The engine was manufactured 1959-1965.
  • IO-360/LIO-360: injection version with 119 kW at 2400 min -1. Production began in 1960 and runs until today. The engine is installed, among other things in the Cessna 172, the M-5 and Maule Piper PA -34 are used.
  • IMO -360: performance version with 168 kW at 3400 min-1 for use in unmanned drones. The engine was manufactured 1959-1975 and came in the Rheem SD - 2 and the Radio Plane RP -77 are used.
  • IVO -360: variant for the helicopter use with injection in the Brantly B- 2B and the Schutzow Model B with an output of 134 kW at 2900 min -1. The engine was manufactured 1963-1982.
  • HIO-360/LHIO-360: variation with injection system for the helicopter used in the Enstrom F -28, Hughes 200 and Hughes 300CBi. The engine delivers between 134 kW at 2700 min-1 and 153 kW at min -1. It is produced since 1963 and is still in production.
  • HO- 360: engine for use in helicopters with 134 kW at 2700-2900 min -1, which was manufactured 1967-1978. It came in the Brantly B-2 and in the Hughes 269 used.
  • AIO -360: Art Airworthy variant with fuel injection, min-1 made ​​149 kW at 2700. It was manufactured from 1967 to 1976 for the Spinks Model 11 and the Stephens Akro. Notwithstanding the non- aerobatic engines it has a fuel system that works well in inverted flight and a dry sump lubrication
  • TIO -360: Turbo Charged engine with fuel injection system. The 149-157 kW at 2575 min-1 strong engine is manufactured since 1967. It comes in the Lancair 360 and 202 Rutan used.
  • TO-360/LTO-360: Turbo Charged engine with injection system, which makes 134-157 kW at 2575 min -1. It is manufactured since 1974 and is used in the Maule M -5, the Piper PA -44 and the Rockwell Commander.
  • AEIO -360: Art Airworthy variant with fuel injection. The engine delivers 134-149 kW at 2700 min-1 and is produced since 1976. The approval was granted in 1974. Notwithstanding the non- aerobatic engines it has a fuel system that works well in inverted flight and a wet sump lubrication. In addition to the American Champion 8KCAB the engine is S-2 use in the Christen Eagle, Great Lakes 2T -1A -2 and the Pitts S- 1 and Pitts.

Specifications (O -360 -A)

  • Type: Air-cooled 4- cylinder horizontally opposed aircraft engine
  • Bore: 130 mm
  • Stroke: 111 mm
  • Engine size: 5.9 l
  • Weight: 127-137 kg
  • Fuel Type: AVGAS
  • Cooling: air- cooled
  • Power: 134 kW at 2700 min-1 at sea level
  • Power density: 22.9 kW / l
  • Compression ratio: 8.5:1
  • Fuel consumption: 37.9 L / hr ( 10 U.S. gal) at 65 % power, 39.8 l / h ( 10.5 U.S. gal) at 75% power
  • Specific fuel consumption: 324 g / kwh
  • Power to weight ratio: 0.98 to 1.1 kW / kg
  • Efficiency: 25.6%