Lycophron of Chalcis (c. 320 BC; † after 280 BC) was a Greek grammarian and poet.

The Chalkis, the capital of the island of Euboea, born Lykophron is expected to tragic Pleiad, seven significant in their time tragedians on the Egyptian king Ptolemy II Hof According to John Tzetzes he should have written " 64 or 46" tragedies to twenty in Suda the title handed. Receive, are only a few lines. Several tragedies seem contemporary historical themes to have treated the spot Dreis, for example, a story of the city, founded in 316 Kassandra. Preserved are also several lines of satyr plays Menedemus a friend of Lykophron philosophers.

Lycophron was the author of a work About comedies, which was criticized by later grammarians because of its superficiality. At the Library of Alexandria, he was responsible for the collection and ordering of comedies.

For Ptolemy II, he is said to have made ​​an anagram, in which he brought the letters Πτολεμαίος in the flattering order απο μελίτος = honey.

Since ancient times, ie since the entry about him in the Suda, Lycophron is also often referred to as the author of resulting dramatic monologue Alexandra, his identity with the author of this work is also in the most ancient scholia ( marginal notes ) to the manuscripts in question provided. Today, the birth of Alexandra is proved at the beginning of the 2nd century BC, yet it is still partially attributed to him.