Lynch Mob (band)

Lynch Mob is a band of guitarist George Lynch. He founded in 1989 after his separation from Dokken.


Lynch founded after the first separation of Dokken, together with the Dokken drummer Mick Brown, the group Lynch Mob and oriented themselves to the music: the texts dealt with other issues than with Dokken, the music was sophisticated and the guitars superficial. The band, consisting of Lynch, Oni Logan (vocals and harmonica ), Anthony Esposito (bass) and Mick Brown ( drums), released their debut album titled Wicked Sensation in 1990 by Elektra Records and was produced by Max Norman and Lynch Mob. The album was quite successful and made it to number 46 on the Billboard 200, it could hold 23 weeks in the charts.

The second album, simply entitled Lynch received mob, appeared for a singer exchange in 1992. The vocals took over Robert Mason, and the album Keith Olsen had produced which contained a cover version of the Queen song Tie Your Mother Down. This album also reached the charts, but was less successful than its predecessor, which is mainly attributable to the rise of grunge. After the publication of the following tour Lynch and Brown returned to Dokken and Lynch Mob broke up.

After his begun in 1995 renewed commitment to Dokken Lynch started the project Lynch Mob 1998 new, this time with the album Smoke This, taken in a completely different line-up and with the Lynch attempted, Elements of HipHop, Industrial and other sounds with rock songs combine. The album was not commercially successful, among other reasons, because it was no longer possible Lynch to interest a major label for his group; Another reason was that the fans did not want to endorse the change in direction and turned away from the group.

Disappointed with the failure of this experiment took Lynch another project in attack: Together with the former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson, who played now at Dio, and drummer Michael Frowein they took as " LP" ( Lynch / Pilson ) on the album Wicked Underground, which appeared in 2003.

The same year, Lynch again gathered Robert Mason, Anthony Esposito and drummer Michael Frowein around to take with them as Lynch Mob Album REvolution. The pieces contained it all came from Lynch 's past with Dokken and Lynch Mob, the group took them all on again to give them a more contemporary and modern look.

In 2009 they had another Lynch Mob album called Smoke and Mirrors, which had been of Lynch, Oni Logan, bassist Marco Mendoza and drummer Scot Coogan, the member of Nikki Sixx ' band Brides of Destruction, was imaged. In January 2011, the band was on tour with Robbie Crane ( Ratt ) Bass and Mick Brown played drums. 2012 took Lynch Mob an EP titled Sound Mountain Sessions.


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