Lynne Frederick

Lynne Maria Frederick ( born July 25, 1954 in Hillingdon, England, † April 27, 1994 in Los Angeles, California ) was a British actress.

Frederick aroused by her private life almost as great a sensation as through their film career. The latter began in 1970 and initially led to a series of costume dramas. She was also on view in horror and science fiction films; many television movies, two spaghetti westerns and finally The Prisoner of Zenda with Peter Sellers can also be found in her filmography.

In 1977 she was Sellers fourth and last wife, who inherited almost his entire fortune at his death, although rumors of an impending separation had made wide. During his lifetime he had been accused her of having married him only because of his wealth. After his death she went two more marriages; first with David Frost - this only lasted one year. From the last, in 1991 divorced, a daughter emerged. After Frederick's death, which was caused by years of alcohol and drug abuse, her mother inherited the entire fortune.

Filmography (selection)