Lynx (disambiguation)

Lynx ( Lynx Greek λύγξ, the "Lynx" ) has the following meanings:

  • Scientific name and mythical name of the lynx, in particular occurring in Europe Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
  • Latin name of a constellation, see Lynx ( constellation )
  • A brand of personal care products, see Axe (brand )
  • Lynx (browser), text-based web browser
  • LynxOS is a Unix-like real-time operating system
  • Atari Lynx handheld game console
  • Lynx (magazine), a literary journal of the 1950s in Hamburg
  • Lynx ( Panzer ), American Spähpanzertyp
  • Lynx -Consulting GmbH, manufacturer-independent IT consulting company with headquarters in Bielefeld
  • Mercury Lynx, a model of the U.S. automobile manufacturer Mercury
  • Lynx Motors, British automobile manufacturer
  • Leyland Lynx, a bus
  • Lynx, a South African automotive brand in the Replica Cars SA
  • Armstrong Siddeley Lynx radial engine
  • A Danish manufacturer of electric vehicles, see Carver One
  • LYNX Rapid Transit Services, fast tram in Charlotte (North Carolina)
  • Lynx ( rocket plane ), a planned rocket plane the company XCOR Aerospace
  • Westland Lynx helicopter type of Westland Aircraft
  • Lynx ( online broker ), the financial services company headquartered in Amsterdam

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