Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line

The Ljublinsko - Dmitrovskaya Line (Russian Люблинско - Дмитровская линия ), originally Ljublinskaja - line, is the tenth line of the Moscow Metro.


  • Marjina Roscha ( Марьина Роща )
  • Dostoyevskaya ( Достоевская )
  • Trubnaja ( Трубная? / I ), the transition to the station Tsvetnoy Bulvar on line 9
  • Sretensky Bulvar ( Сретенский бульвар? / I ), transition to the stations Chistye Prudy line 1 and line 6 Turgenevskaya
  • Chkalovskaya ( Чкаловская? / I ), transition to the station Kurskaja line 3 and Kurskaja the Ring Line
  • Rimskaya ( Римская? / I ), the transition to the station Ploshchad Iljitscha line 8
  • Krestjanskaja Sastawa ( Крестьянская застава? / I ), the transition to the station Proletarskaja line 7
  • Dubrowka ( Дубровка? / I )
  • Koschuchowskaja ( Кожуховская? / I )
  • Pechatniki ( Печатники? / I )
  • Wolschskaja ( Волжская? / I )
  • Lyublino ( Люблино? / I )
  • Bratislawskaja ( Братиславская? / I )
  • Marjino ( Марьино? / I )
  • Borissowo ( Борисово )
  • Schipilowskaja ( Шипиловская )
  • Sjablikowo ( Зябликово ), transition to the station Krasnogwardeiskaja line 2

Depot and vehicles

The custodian of the line is put into operation in 1995 Pechatniki near the same station. For use for passenger transport are on the line Ljublinskaja the "classic" series 81-717/714 trains and vehicles since 1998, in addition to the newer series 81-720/721, a further development of the 81-717/714er type. The use of these vehicles on the line 10 was for a time as a test run for its possible use on other lines of the Moscow Metro, which has since been discarded. All trains of Ljublinskaja - line consist of eight cars since 2009.


The establishment of the Ljublinsko - Dmitrovskaya line was planned in the 1980s. You should supply several residential areas in the southeast of the former Soviet capital with an underground connection; this function fulfilled by then the lines 2 and 7, which led increasingly to an overload of the two lines themselves and serving as a feeder bus routes. Construction of the new line began in the mid 1980s, with the original aim to complete the first phase of construction in 1990. But due to numerous difficulties, the construction was delayed again and again. First, the planning for the route had to be revised later, as the originally planned route in places ( supposedly) should run too close to a listed former estate, which led to civil protests, lengthy negotiations and drawing up a new plan, the circumvention including an additional not originally planned station envisaged. Added to this was the total economic decline of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s or the "independent" Russia in the early 1990s, which led to financial difficulties and at times even to a complete halt to construction of the line. Only a five-year delay, the first section was finally put into operation - albeit not quite complete: The station Dubrowka that should be included there, could due to the very ground water rich soils in their area that are extremely difficult the establishment of the escalator shaft not be built in time. This went on 28 December 1995, the first section of the new Ljublinskaja line in operation - these were 12.1 km of Chkalovskaya to Wolschskaja with the finished only in the shell station Dubrowka that has been passed through the next four years without maintenance. The commissioning of the second phase, the up Marjino comprised 5.4 km of Wolschskaja with three new stations, was made one year after the line opened on 25 December 1996. Was only on 11 December 1999, the station Dubrowka could be opened on the existing line. On 30 August 2007, the line was extended further into the city center to Trubnaja, bringing the long-overdue construction of the northern Außenastes could be initiated. A further extension to the north took place with the opening of the railway stations Dostoyevskaya and Marjina Roscha on 19 June 2010. On 2 December 2011, according to the state of 2011 last Southeastern extension of the line of Marjino about Borissowo and Schipilowskaja was opened after Sjablikowo where transition to the station consists Krasnogwardeiskaja the Samoskworezkaja line.

Expansion plans

Until further notice, the line reached its southern terminus in December 2011. Now the northern Außenast the line will be expanded: The route from Marjina Roscha to Lichobory to be completed in 2013 or later; beyond is - the longer run - planned nor a continuation to Degunino.