Lyubov Gurina

Lyubov Mikhailovna Gurina (Russian: Любовь Михайловна Гурина, English transcription Lyubov Gurina, . Born August 6, 1957 in Matuschkino, Oblast Kirov) is a former Russian middle distance runner, who took until 1991 for the Soviet Union and in 1992 for the Commonwealth of Independent States.

In 1980 she ran the 800 meters under two minutes, but until 1983 it was the first time to qualify for major international championships. At the World Athletics Championships in Helsinki, she ran in 1:56,11 minutes into second place behind the Czech Jarmila Kratochvílová.

1986 won Gurina at the European Athletics Championships in Stuttgart in 1:57,73 min bronze behind her teammate Nadezhda Olisarenko in 1:57,15 min and Sigrun Wodars from the GDR to 1:57,42 min. In Rome at the World Championships in 1987, the East German runners Wodars and Christine Wachtel continued after 100 meters to the top and ultimately won the race unchallenged in 1:55,26 1:55,32 min or min. Gurina won bronze in 1:55,56 min before the Cuban Ana Fidelia Quirot in 1:55,84 min.

At the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul Gurina started in 1500 -meter run, but qualified in 4:08,59 minutes as Seventh their forward travel for the finals. In major championships she ran after only 800 meters.

Only once she started at the European Indoor Championships. 1990 in Glasgow, she won in 2:01,63 min before the Germans Sabine Zwiener in 2:02,23 min. In the EM 1990 in Split dominated once again Wodars and quail. Gurina already dropped back early and was ultimately in 1:59,59 min seventh.

Also in World Indoor Championships, she once went to: 1991 in Seville. She was in 2:02,04 min fourth behind quail and the two Romanians Violeta Beclea and Ella Kovacs. At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona Gurina finished second in 1:58,13 min eighth.

In 1993 she won at the World Championships in Stuttgart their first outdoor medal since 1987, when she was with 1:57,10 min second behind Maria de Lurdes Mutola of Mozambique. Eleven years after her first medal at the World Championships in Helsinki Gurina joined the European Championship again in 1994 in Helsinki. Receipt of the final straight it was just in the lead, but the Belarusian Natallja Duchnowa sat down beside her. Both crossed by 1:58,55 min the finish line. The evaluation of the target pictures showed a millimeter projection for Gurina who had thus found its first open-air gold. With 37 years and 4 days, she was the hitherto oldest European champion in athletics.

1995 Lyubov Gurina was in 1:59,16 minutes again Seventh. During the World Championships in Gothenburg

In 1987 she became Soviet champion in the 800 meters, she became Russian Champion 1993.

Lyubov Gurina is 1,67 m tall and weighed about 57 kg competition times.


  • 800 m: 1:55,56 min, August 31, 1987, Rome Hall: 1:59,21 min, February 14, 1990, Moscow
  • Hall: 2:37,37 min, February 13, 1993 Liévin
  • Hall: 4:11,19 min, February 15, 1987, Moscow
  • Hall: 4:34,07 min, February 2, 1992, Bordeaux

Lyubov Gurina is also in November 2011, still a world record in the lists: On August 5, 1984 in Moscow Nadezhda ran Olisarenko, Gurina, Lyudmila Borissova and Irina Podjalowskaja 7:50,17 minutes in the 4 x 800 - meter relay.