Lzip is a free program for Unix-like systems, data compression, which allows the use of modern Lempel -Ziv - Markov algorithm ( LZMA ) in customary Unix compression tools usual way. It has an established Linux Pack tools gzip and bzip2 very similar handling, uses a new file format with comparable to their formats properties and done like this also archiving multiple files itself, but instead to emphasize the combination with pure archive formats such as tar. For lzip archives the file name extension. Lz and the MIME type application / x- lzip are provided. In the format, special emphasis was placed on integrity check, which requires a 64- bit checksum is integrated.

Lzip is written by Antonio Diaz in C and is distributed as free software in the source code under the terms of version 3 or later of the GNU General Public License ( GPL). With its aim and its properties, it is in direct competition with the XZ Utils.


The format of the software installation packages of the Argentine GNU / Linux distribution based on Dragora lzip. In popular Linux distributions, it can normally be installed directly from the standard repositories. GNOME's archive management tool File Roller supports lzip files.


After 7 -Zip, lzma_alone from the LZMA SDK LZMA Utils and offered lzip 2008 was the first complete solution for the use of LZMA in Unix fashion, - complete with native university * support, one for Unix users familiar (gzip -like ) user interface and a new Unix - friendly container format with checksums and magic numbers. lzip but prevailed only partially before the LZMA Utils have evolved accordingly and now offered similar under the name " XZ Utils ". The XZ Utils and their file format have over lzip (and its format) now achieved a wider distribution.