M (disambiguation)

M denotes

  • A letter of the Latin alphabet, see M (lowercase m)
  • A letter of the Greek alphabet, see My ( small letter μ )
  • A letter of the Cyrillic alphabet, see М (lowercase м )
  • The currency of the German Empire since 1871, see Mark (1871 ) (also Mk or ℳ )
  • The currency of the GDR, see Mark (GDR)
  • The abbreviation for the term model
  • The abbreviation for Mensans ( in ), Member of Mensa Gifted Association in Germany
  • The post code area Manchester ( as a single initial letter of a postal code ), see postcode ( UK )

In Film and Music:

  • A film by Fritz Lang: "M - A city is looking for a murderer ", see M ( 1931)
  • A film by Joseph Losey, M ( 1951)
  • In the 007 films the head of the British intelligence service MI6, see characters from James Bond films # M
  • A band project of the British singer and music producer Robin Scott
  • As a pseudonym M the French rock musician Matthieu Chedid

In print and journalism:

  • The magazine M - People Do Media
  • As a characteristic [ M] in the byline of photos a photo manipulation
  • Magenta color, most printing inks for inkjet printers, see magenta ( color)

In Roman inscriptions and texts:

  • The abbreviation for Marcus, MA, Monumentum, etc.
  • The numeral for 1000, see Roman numerals

In the French language:

  • The abbreviation for Mère (mother with religious people)
  • The abbreviation for Monsieur ( Mr. )

In Medicine:

  • The abbreviation for muscle or musculus, see muscles

In the system of units SI:

  • The SI prefix mega, see list of prefixes for units

In the natural sciences:

  • Occasionally the unit mol / liter in the reporting of substance concentration, but this usage is deprecated and not SI Compliant
  • As symbols of the molecular mass

In physics:

  • As symbols, the magnetization
  • As symbols (or) the Mach number
  • As symbols the mass number
  • As symbols, the torque
  • The traditional unit Maxwell, see Maxwell (unit)

In Chemistry:

  • The mesomeric effect, see M- effect
  • A stereo descriptor to distinguish konfigurationsisomerer compounds, see descriptor (chemistry ) # ( P) - (M) -

In biology:

  • As a one-letter code, the amino acid methionine

In the art:

  • A metric ISO thread
  • The machine zero point in the machine coordinate system of machine tools
  • The friction factor in Reibfaktormodell, which is applied when the softer friction partners is sheared

In the aerospace:

  • The by Mike, Martha and Marie reproduced in the spelling alphabet letters, see Buchstabiertafel
  • The minus sign in front of numbers (eg, M03)
  • A series of Japanese missile types ( also in the abbreviation Mu ), see Mu (rocket)

In astronomy:

  • As a unit symbol, the absolute magnitude
  • An entry in the Messier catalog of astronomical objects
  • A spectral class of stars

In the Nautical:

  • As INT substandard abbreviation one nautical mile

In computer science:

  • A programming language from Microsoft, see M ( programming language)
  • , often referred to another programming language as MUMPS

As distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • International: Malta
  • Belgium: Motorcycles
  • Bulgaria: Oblast Montana
  • Germany: district-free city Munich and Munich County
  • Estonia: Tallinn and Harju County
  • UK: Manchester
  • Island of Montserrat
  • Croatia: Foreign Mission ( yellow text on a bright blue background)
  • (Arabic: م ) Lebanon: Beirut Governorate
  • Madagascar: Mahajanga Province
  • Montenegro: foreign mission
  • Philippines: Region 12 (also: Soccsksargen )
  • Portugal: Madeira ( truck trailers and vehicles for export )
  • Switzerland: Military ( black plate with white letters )
  • Slovakia: dealer license plate (white plate with red: last letter )
  • Slovenia: embassy staff without diplomatic status
  • Spain: Autonomous Community of Madrid ( discontinued)
  • Czech Republic: Olomouc Region ( Olomouc Region )
  • Hungary: farm vehicles

In numismatics ( study of coins ):

  • Madrid since 1591 on Spanish coins and since 1728 as a winning M
  • Milan on Austrian coins 1770-1780 and Italian coins to 1878
  • Mallorca ( also PM or diamond)
  • Melbourne on English sovereigns from 1871 to 1931 and on Australian coins
  • Mexico (mostly small- o ) to the present
  • Toulouse on French coins from 1540 to 1837

M denotes

In music:

  • The middle finger of Zupfhand the fingering for guitar
  • As an abbreviation \ m / Mano cornuta, a show of hands with various meanings

In the system of units SI:

  • The SI prefix milli, see list of prefixes for units
  • As a unit character unit of measurement meters

In physics:

  • As symbols the mass, see Mass (Physics)
  • As the magnetic quantum number which belongs to the angular momentum quantum number (e.g., )
  • Symbols as the effective mass
  • Symbols as the magnetic dipole moment

In the art:

  • As a symbol of the micro standard, see ISO 9175

In astronomy:

  • As symbols the apparent brightness