M jak miłość

M jak miłość ( German L as Love) is a Polish series that was first broadcast on 4 November 2000 on the Polish program TVP2. In May 2007, the 500th episode aired. M jak miłość is also broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays in the evening program on the Polish international broadcaster TVP Polonia. At this station we saw M jak miłość for the 400th time in December 2006. During 2005 TVP sold Russian television rights and started the series Любовь как любовь in Russia on March 14, 2006 ( Lyubov kak ljubow ).

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Other people


  • Ryszard Zatorski
  • Natalia Koryncka - Gruz
  • Maciej Dejczer
  • Piotr Weresniak
  • Waldemar Szarek
  • Roland Rowiński
  • Mariusz Malec


  • Ilona Łepkowska (until 2007 - to the 502 episode)
  • Alina Puchała (from 2007 - from the 503rd episode)

Film Music

  • Wojciech Gassowski (episodes 1-844 ), Title: "M jak Miłość "
  • Beata Kozidrak ( sequence from 845 - ), Title: " Never pytaj o miłość "

The cast

  • Barbara and Lucjan Mostowiak are the main characters of the film. They have been married for 40 years.
  • Marek and Hanka Mostowiak, son and daughter in law. You have the son Mateusz and two adopted daughters, Natalka and Ula.
  • Krzysztof and Maria Zduńscy, son and daughter of Barbara and Zenon Łagoda, but this was brought up by Lucjan. They have two sons, the twins (Piotr Paweł ). Krzysztof dies in the film after a heart attack. Piotr is married with Kinga Zduńska. Paweł was with Teresa Makowska. She has a daughter, Agnieszka, and a violent man, from whom she has separated. Then Paweł was with Magda. But when he learned that she married Sasza Maksymowicz to obtain money for the study, and that Sasza received Polish citizenship, they parted. Then he was with Sylwia, who was with child by him. During pregnancy, they separate, the Pawel has an affair with Magda. But when Magda learns that Sylwia is pregnant by him, she drives to the Sudan.
  • Marta Mostowiak and Norbert Wojciechowski, daughter and her former husband. You have the son Łukasz and a daughter Ania. Her husband Norbert died.
  • Małgorzata Mostowiak and Stefan Müller, daughter and her fiance. After an unhappy marriage with Michał Łagoda to " Gosia " and Stefan fell in love. Stefan is from Germany and moved to Poland. He has a dog, the brother's name. But they parted, after a while it is now, together with Tomek, who recently had an accident.
  • " Włodek " Kisiel, or also called Kisiel, is a chess buddy of Lucjan. They often played in the former Pub Marek.
  • Simone Müller is the mother of Stefan.
  • Ewa Nowicka is the daughter of Janina Nowicka. Ewa and Leszek Skalski have a daughter, Ola. At first it was thought that the father Krzysztof Zduńki, but Ewa remembered Leszek and found him by chance. You broke up with him because he had a new and a child with her.
  • Janusz Kotowicz is a doctor.
  • Renia Zakrzewska working with Mary in the former practice of Kotowicz, now Michał heard. She has a daughter, Justyna and a son, Antoś with her husband Robert. But they have separated.
  • Krystyna Cholakowa is the sister of Janina and aunt of Ewa. She is very ill recently.
  • Zbigniew and Krystyna Filarskcy are the parents of Kinga and live separately. Zbigniew is the owner of the company " Filar -Plast ".
  • Marszalek spouses are the parents of Magda.
  • Magda Rudnik and Jacek Milecki are siblings. Jacek was married to Marta.

Meanwhile, there are already Cuba, Tomek, Zosia, Ula, Magda (the child of Piotrek and Kinga ), Krszycz, Marszena, Olga ...

Magazine " M jak miłość "

From 11 October 2006 to 25 April 2007, there were about M jak Miłość a weekly magazine in Poland with articles mainly about the series. The publisher of this newspaper was the Carisma Entertainment Group Sp z oo, the editor was Marek Malarz. The newspaper published every two weeks.

In addition to the articles on the series and the actors involved the newspaper a weekly TV previews. For each newspaper there was a DVD with 6 episodes of M jak Miłość.