M2 (Copenhagen)

The line M2 is a subway line of the Copenhagen Metro. It is shown in yellow on the network. Your starting point is at the station Vanløse in the western district of the same name Vanløse. From there it passes through the center of Copenhagen until her lying in the southeastern end point Lufthavnen in the community Tårnby. From Vanløse to station Christianshavn the distance from the M1 line is shared, then runs the M1 further south. The M2 line was opened on 19 October 2002 at the Nørreport - Lergravsparken section. On 29 May 2003, the extension was made to the station Frederiksberg, shortly after the extension was inaugurated on October 12, 2003 to its current starting point in Vanløse. The final extension was inaugurated on 28 September 2007, when the first trains could run up to its new terminus Lufthavnen at Copenhagen Airport. The line has a length of 14.2 kilometers, which run nearly eight kilometers underground. Of the 16 stations are eight underground. The travel time for the complete line is approximately 24 minutes.


The clock frequency is usually 4-6 minutes. On the section between Vanløse - Christianshavn trains run at peak times at 2- minute intervals.