M2 (Mazda)

M2 Incorporated, later M2 Corporation is a former subsidiary of the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, which had from 1991 to 1995 inventory. The company was responsible for a standalone project planning and the production of vehicle parts. Under the brand name M2, the company made ​​a name and also worked as an automobile manufacturer.

At the company's headquarters in Tokyo, the company presented itself only with its offices. The first floor was thereby created as a selling space in which only certain parts of the vehicle were available. The second floor, however, was a promenade, which allowed a good overview of the below it salesroom.

For the customers who wanted a complete vehicle, the adjoining building Setagaya Matsudarotari was determined. Here, the vehicles could be examined and evaluated. Thus, the products have always been designed to meet the customer requirements in accordance with the opinions expressed of corporate clients.

In the financial crisis of 1995 Mazda had its brand M2, however close it again. Since the vehicles exist only in a small series, these have a high value among collectors. But so far, all known brand vehicles in Japan are registered.

Model Overview


  • M2 1001 ( 1991-1992, 300 units)
  • M2 1002 ( only in 1992, 40 units)
  • M2 1003
  • M2 1005
  • M2 1006
  • M2 1007
  • M2 1014
  • M2 1015
  • M2 1020
  • 1028 M2 (1994, 300 units)
  • M2 1031

Concept Cars

  • M2 1008 (1994 was mounted by the company Tokyo Limited)