M3 highway (Russia)

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The M3 ( highway # 3 Ukraina ) is a highway in Russia. It is part of the European Route 101

The M3 runs from October Square at Moscow's Boulevard Ring on Lenin Prospekt in a southwesterly direction, the Moscow ring road, crossing out of the city. It goes past at the Moscow airport Vnukovo about Naro- Fominsk in the Kaluga Oblast. From here it continues along Obninsk, Kaluga past, Bryansk and Lokot to the Ukrainian border at Chomutowka. Up to this point, the M3 is about 515 km long.

At the time of the Soviet Union led the M3 in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on past Konotop and Nizhyn after Kipti, 92 km north of Kiev. The Ukrainian section now bears the number M 02 In Kipti the M3 met the then- M20, today Ukrainian M 01 They therefore joined Moscow and the capital of the Ukrainian SSR.

Plane crash

On December 29, 2012, came on the adjacent airport Moscow Vnukovo to a serious accident. A Tupolev Tu -204 -100 aircraft registration mark RA- 64047 was started from the airport Pardubice in the Czech Republic at 11:10 clock local time. When landing in Vnukovo on the runway 19 at 16:33 local time clock, the machine did not come to a halt, fell at high speed on the runway and crashed out against the dam of the adjacent motorway M3. Here, the plane broke into three parts and wreckage damaged on the highway passing cars. A video of devices installed in one of the car vehicle camera, which was released on YouTube, shows the impact. In the accident, the pilot, the co-pilot, the flight engineer and a flight attendant were killed. Another flight attendant died a day later due to their injuries. Three other passengers were injured, some seriously.