Ma Yansong

Ma Yansong (Chinese马岩松, Pinyin Mǎ Yansong; b. 1975 in Beijing) is a well known for his futuristic designs of Chinese architect to the Emporis Skyscraper Award 2012 won with Absolute World.


Ma studied in Beijing and received his Master degree at Yale University. Subsequently, he worked in the London office of Zaha Hadid, founded in 2004 then his own company MAD in Beijing. His first major project was completed in 2011, 2005, the Art Museum of Ordos in Inner Mongolia.

The " Absolute World" - building complex, which consists of five high-rise buildings for condominiums, a shopping center, restaurants and spa facilities was announced in 2006 in Mississauga, Canada, Ma was only 31 when he won. Bejing 2050 (2006), Fake Hills (2008), Superstar: A Mobile China Town ( 2008), "Feelings Are Facts" exhibition of Olafur Eliasson (2010), the Vertu Pavilion ( 2011) and Chaoyang Park ( 2013) were more designs and exhibitions. 2013 opened, designed by him peculiar horseshoe- shaped hotel Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in Huzhou.

Awards and Honors

Source: Alessi

  • 2006 Architecture League Young Architects Award.
  • 2008 ICON magazine: one of the " 20 most influential young architects"
  • It was 2010, the first Chinese architect who received a RIBA fellowship.
  • 2012 Emporis Skyscraper Award