MA stands for:

  • Augsburg Hauptbahnhof to DS 100
  • A specific model of a U.S. flight jacket, see Bomber Jacket
  • A series of diesel- hydraulic quick drive train of the Danish State Railways, DSB see MA
  • MA-1 Ardath, an Australian two-seater blimp
  • Municipal Department, the Organization Department of the Vienna City Administration, see Vienna City # municipal departments See also the fictional department MA 2412

MA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Circle Malësia e Madhe ( discontinued)
  • Germany: county-level city of Mannheim
  • UK: Manchester ( MAN without )
  • Croatia: Makarska
  • Austria: Mattersburg
  • Slovakia: Okres Malacky
  • Dealer license plate (white plate with red: second group of letters )

Geographical abbreviations:

  • Maranhão, a state of Brazil
  • Morocco, after the country code according to ISO 3166-1
  • Massachusetts, American State as postal abbreviation according to ISO 3166-2 and

M. A. stands for:

  • M. A. ( Car manufacturer ), former carmaker
  • Master of Arts ( academic degree that is awarded, among others, in the German-speaking area ), see Magister Artium #
  • Master of Arts ( academic degree that can be obtained in the course of further studies in the humanities and social sciences), see Master # Master of Arts ( MA)

Ma stands for:

  • Million years ( mega- years), see year or Mya (unit) (or Ma (unit) )
  • Ma (earth), the earth in the Sumerian mythology
  • Ma (ethnicity ), Mon-Khmer - speaking minority communities in Vietnam
  • Ma (river), a river in Vietnam and Laos
  • Ma ( goddess ), the goddess of Anatolian mythology
  • Ma (name ), Chinese Family Name
  • Ma (novel), an autobiographical novel by Lou Andreas - Salomé
  • Mach number, normalized airspeed
  • Machines Office, an agency of the state railway administration
  • A certificate from the English short or diminutive for mother
  • The title of an album (1973 ) of the rock band Rare Earth
  • Wise woman, in Sanskrit; is therefore used as a familiar address of a female gurus

MA stands for:

  • Milliamperes, see Ampere, a unit of current

Ma stands for:

  • The top -level domain of Morocco, see. ma

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