Maamorilik ( Greenlandic for place of marble ), often also Maarmorilik or Marmorilik, is a now uninhabited settlement in the municipality Greenland Qaasuitsup Press Office (until 2009 Uummannaq municipality ). The village is located about 55 km north of Uummannaq away.

Maarmorilik has attained primarily through its marble mining (1933-1971), mainly operated by Canadian, Swedish and Danish companies, importance. From 1973, here not only marble, but also zinc, lead and silver was mined and exported to Europe. Up to 300 miners lived in the heyday of the small town of mining and processing of mineral resources. After the end of the degradation in 1991 the settlement was abandoned, it is now a tourist attraction. In addition to the relics of the mines are in the nearby derelict stations " Grunau " and " Scheideck " to visit the remains of the polar expeditions of Alfred Wegener.

For several years, the reopening of the controversial zinc mine is driven with great effort.