Mac OS X v10.2

Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" is the third version of the operating system Mac OS X from Apple. It is the successor to Mac OS X 10.1 "Puma" and the predecessor of Mac OS X 10.3 " Panther". Apple released Jaguar on 23 August 2002. Since this version of the big cats species are not only code and project name, but official product names are also printed on the packaging and media.

The latest version is 10.2.8 on 3 October 2003.


Apple introduced Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar following new functions:

  • Address Book, a program for managing contact information
  • Bonjour, also known as a Zeroconf protocol for automatic network configuration
  • CUPS ( Common Unix Printing System), a free printing system for Unix
  • The Finder now includes in each window, an integrated search box
  • IChat now supports AOL Instant Messenger
  • Inkwell, a program for handwriting recognition
  • Mail with optional spam filter
  • Quartz Extreme, an improved version of Quartz with increased use of the graphics processor and CPU offload
  • Increase in speed


  • Power Mac G3, G4, Power Mac G5, iMac, eMac, PowerBook G3 or G4, or iBook with more than 233 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM ( 256 MB to 512 MB ​​recommended)
  • 3 GB of free space on the hard disk
  • CD drive for installation

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