Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Macedonia as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Due to the dispute over the name Macedonia between Greece and Macedonia the country is the ESC with the bulky name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia referred (English: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ( FYROM), French: République yougoslave Ancienne de Macédoine ( ARYM ) ). As an English subtitle here is the abbreviation FYR Macedonia appears.

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Regularity of participation

Macedonia wanted to participate in the Euro Vision Song Contest back in 1996 and submitted the sung by Kaliopi grill title Samo ti. The internal pre-selection of the EBU, the song did not come in the top 23 After the disappointment renounced Macedonia in 1997 to participate and was represented for the first time in Birmingham in 1998. Due to the poor placement of the land had already been exposed in 1999, and later also in 2001 and 2003.

Success in competition

Macedonia has had only limited success in the competition: So far, all placements were in the finals in the double digits. After the introduction of the semi-finals of 2004 Macedonia was until 2007 every year, so four times in a row, qualify for the finals, where it never came in the top ten and thus in the following year again had to participate in the semi-finals. The best result in a final round in 2006 achieved the singer Elena Risteska with the 12th place.

After 2008, a new qualification rule was introduced ( the best nine titles of televoting and a selected one of a back-up jury contribution reach the final ), Macedonia failed in both 2008 and 2009 as the tenth of televoting in the final qualification. Therefore, the Macedonian television continued in 2009 with the EBU for a rule change, and even threatened with the withdrawal from the Euro Vision Song Contest. In 2010, then - as in 2009 already the Final Score - assembled in the semi-final votes half each from the televoting and jury votes. As 15 missed Macedonia but this time clearly qualifying for the finals, as in 2011 on the 16th in the semifinals. In 2012, Macedonia managed in four years into the finals and ended up in the finals even just in the front half at No. 13 better than 2013, when they missed the finals again.

National preliminary decisions

All contributions to the Macedonian Euro Vision Song Contest were determined under a national preliminary decision, with different modes were used.


1996-2002 found the preliminary decisions on a large scale with many participants ( 18-22 ) instead. In addition, in 1996 two preliminary rounds were held with 15 and 14 participants. Elected in 1996 by Jury, 1998 by televoting and 2000 and 2002 by jury, televoting, and with the help of the studio audience.


Toše Proeski 2004 was internally selected to represent Macedonia at the held in Istanbul competition. In the preliminary round, he presented eight titles. The winning song was chosen by a jury, televoting, and the singer himself.


2005 singer and song were selected separately: Selected from a total of 128 Apply best two singers presented the preliminary round four songs, the winner was determined by a jury, televoting and the studio audience.

2006 and 2007

2006 and 2007, the "classic" preliminary decision was reintroduced: It took 2006 20 and 2007 15 artists participate, each with a title. The winner was determined solely by televoting, said 2007 was the first time split regionally. Nevertheless, the winner Karolina received from all twelve regions, the maximum score of twelve points.

2009 and 2010

2009, the preliminary decision was supplemented by two preliminary rounds of 16 candidates from which ever the best eight qualified for the final. Voted as 2008 by jury and televoting. 2010 were respectively 14 instead of 16 songs in the semifinals.

2008 and 2011

2008, a classic preliminary round was held with 15 candidates, was chosen by jury and televoting, each with a weighting of 50%. In 2011, 20 instead of 15 songs in part.

2012, 2013 and 2014

2012 Kaliopi, 2013 Esma & Lozano and 2014 Tijana Dapčević and the corresponding titles were selected internally.


After no longer had to be sung in the national language from 1999 songs were only Od nas zavisi 2002 Nesto Sto kje ostane 2009 Crno i belo 2012, and Pred da se radzeni 2013 fully presented in the local language. 2004 ( Life ), 2005 ( Make my day ) and 2008 (Let me love you ) was quite resorted to the English language, the contribution of 2006 was mainly in English but was terminated in Macedonian. 2000 and 2007 it was the reverse; the songs were mostly in the local language with the last chorus in English. However, since all contributions to Macedonian must be sung in the preliminary round, there is also a version of all contributions into the local language. 2002, there was controversy about the language, as Karolina initially refused to sing their song in Macedonian, but eventually bent to the specifications of the TV.