Macedonian Ice Hockey Federation

The Macedonian Hockey Federation ( Macedonia Hockey Federation ) is the national ice hockey and inline hockey association Macedonia, which has its headquarters in Skopje.


The Association was inducted into the International Ice Hockey Federation on 4 October 2001. The association is one of the associate members of the IIHF and therefore in the General Assembly not to vote. Current president is Nikola Tasev.

Although the association was founded in 2001, it took until 2010 to the shops. In January 2011, the first artificial ice rink was opened in Skopje and founded with the HK Skopje, the first Macedonian Hockey Club.

The association takes care mainly to the implementation of the Games of the Macedonian national teams in ice hockey and inline hockey. In addition, the association organizes the sport at club level, due to launch in 2012. In addition, the Macedonian Inline Hockey National Team participated in 2011 for the first time at an IIHF tournament.