Machine taper

The Morse taper (MK ) or Morse taper is the standard form of a cone tool for clamping tools, such as large drills, reamers and chucks in the tool holder of a machine tool.

The torque transmission of the hollow cone ( sleeve ) of the driven tool spindle on the clamping shank of the tool is effected by frictional engagement by friction, due to the self-locking. To separate the sleeve has a transverse opening (pictured above right), through which the in this accessible end of the cone (not employees supernatant;, the cone can be seen on the right) can be pushed out with a collectible wedge. Morse taper in 7 sizes - called MK MK 0 to 6 - with maximum shank diameters of about 9 to 63 mm with only slightly different cone tapers between 1:19,002 and 1:20,047 are standardized 228 Part 1 and 2 according to DIN. The angle of inclination is on average 1 ° 26 '. The main dimensions of the shaft and sleeve Morse taper 0-6 (all in mm):

The tool holders of drilling and turning machines often have the sizes MK MK 2 to 6

In addition to this series standardizes Morse taper DIN 228 or 2 smaller (4 and 6 mm) and 5 larger metric cone ME (80 to 200 mm), all of them 1:20 rejuvenated. Messrs. Morse calls in addition, the intermediate size MK 4 1/2, and MK 7 and 8

Morse taper exists in the following four forms:

  • Form A ( shaft ) and C ( sleeve ) with thread for mounting.
  • Form B (shaft) and D ( sleeve ) with tang on the shaft, and slot in the sleeve for the drill drift.

The name Morse taper is derived from Stephen Morse, who lived in the 19th century and 1864 in the U.S. today existing tool company founded (not to be confused with Samuel FB Morse, the namesake of the Morse code ).

In addition to the Morse taper, there are metric tapered (ME ) and taper (SK) and hollow shaft taper (HSK ). Likewise, there is the drill chuck taper B10 in sizes d1 = d2 = 10.09 9.40; B12 d1 = d2 = 12,06 11,10; B16 d1 = d2 = 15.73 14.50; B18 d1 = d2 = 17.78 16.20; B22 d1 = d2 = 21,79 19,80; B24 d1 = d2 = 23,82 21,30. In a morse taper DIN238, as in the picture, the one side, the other side is a Morse taper drill chuck one.