Mad Professor

Mad Professor ( born March 27, 1955 in Guyana, civil Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser ) is a music producer and an influential figure in the development of reggae and dub. Since the age of 13, he lives and works in London.

He has published over 130 albums since 1979 and is considered one of the most important producers in the 2nd generation of dub reggae. With more than two albums per year, he is exceptionally productive. Mad Professor produced, among others, together with the reggae veteran Lee Perry and Macka B together. In addition, he also worked with famous singers such as Massive Attack, Jah Shaka, U - Roy and Sly & Robbie together.

His style is marked by echoes handling skills with various effects as well as an extremely dynamic beat.

Discography ( incomplete)

Dub Me Crazy series

Black Liberation Series

Dub You Crazy With Love series

By Lee "Scratch" Perry

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