Madeleine Petrovic

Madeleine Petrovic ( born June 25, 1956 in Vienna, maiden name Demand) is an Austrian politician of the party The Greens - The Green Alternative. She was from 1994 until March 1996 national spokesperson of the Greens.

Education and work

The daughter of a forwarder attended after primary school, a high school and graduated in 1974. Subsequently, she studied law at the University of Vienna, where she 1978 Dr. iur. doctorate. She then studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics ( Mag rer. Soc. Oec., 1982) and completed an additional language training. Petrovic is a certified court interpreter for English (University of Vienna ) and has language diplomas of the Universities of Michigan (English) and Brussels ( French). She was a research assistant at the Institute for Roman Law and Ancient Legal History at the University of Vienna. In 1984 she was official at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


Madeleine Petrovic from 1986 to 1987 in the District Group of the Greens in Dobling active. She was elected to the State Executive Committee of the Green Alternative Vienna in 1987 and moved on 5 November 1990 as a deputy in the National Council, where she was employed until 23 April 2003. During her time in Parliament, she was a member of various committees, for the longest time she served on the Constitution and the Equal Treatment Committee. 1992 Petrovic was elected chairwoman of the Green parliamentary group, 1994 and 1995, she moved as a top candidate in the parliamentary elections. On March 11, 1993, she held the with 10 hours and 35 minutes until then longest speech in the history of the Austrian National Council, this record was surpassed only on 17 December 2010 by her party colleagues Kogler. Topic was an EU report on the Agreement on Jute and Jute Products of 1989. Goal of the speech marathon was the postponement of the next item on the agenda ( Tropical Timber Act). On 5 December 1993, she was the target of a letter-bomb assassination of Franz Fuchs. The bomb was discovered in time and could be defused.

Petrovic, who was from 1994 have also been national spokesperson, had to suffer a defeat at the National Council Election 1995 and was replaced in 1996 by Christoph Canons in this function. In 1999, Alexander Van der Bellen also the function of the club chairman in Parliament, Petrovic was subsequently his deputy. She was elected in 2001 as deputy national spokesperson of the Greens 2003 she joined the Parliament in the Lower Austrian Landtag. She joined the state elections in Lower Austria in 2008 as a leading candidate to, but failed in the electoral goal of entry into the state government with the Greens and suffered slight losses. Petrovic announced in the sequence, not to run for the function of deputy national spokesperson of the Greens. 31 May 2008 Mary Vassilakou was chosen as her successor.

2013 Petrovic decided to run for the 2014 European elections. Since she came to the Federal Congress of the countryside on December 1, 2013 only on the fifth list position but, she chose a short time later, using their national group to carry a preferential voting campaign, which made for considerable criticism, especially because those very country group a preferential votes campaign of Voggenhuber at the 2009 European election rejected strict.


Madeleine Petrovic lives in Gloggnitz in Southern Lower Austria. On 9 May 2008, she was elected President of independent Wiener animal protection association.