Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio ( German outdated Santa Maria in torment ) is an Italian village in Trentino, around 30 kilometers northwest of Trento and 60 km north from Lake Garda (air line). In a protected from north winds hollow between the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello - Presanella it is located at 1,550 meters above sea level. It is among the communities Pinzolo and Ragoli.

There are numerous hotels and pensions and very large apartment complexes.

Based tourism is a company founded in the year 1188 hospice, which was for many centuries in operation. According to the publications of the Englishman John Ball, who had 1864, the Bocca di Trenta crosses, the first tourists arrived in the village. The nearby Campo Carlo Magno Pass ( 1662m ) to have been crossed by a legend of Charlemagne and his army in the year 787 in the fight against the Lombards.

The approximately 750 residents live largely on tourism, which has already won in the second half of the 19th century by the Austrian and Central European nobility and rich bourgeoisie in importance. From this tradition, the local worship of Habsburg (Piazza Sissi, La Stube di Franz Joseph, etc. ) or the annual celebration of the " Habsburg- Karnival " mid-February goes back, as members of the Habsburg family - especially Empress Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph I. - as well as important representatives of the entire European aristocracy in Madonna di Campiglio descended. The place has an extensive ski area up to about 2600 m, which is connected via the lifts with the ski resorts of the north -lying places Folgarida and Marilleva.

Special prominence in recent times gained Madonna di Campiglio alpine ski world cup competitions by (3- Tre- race) on the slopes Canalone Miramonti.

Furthermore, Madonna di Campiglio always in January the venue for the Ferrari skiing days.

In the center is the church of Santa Maria Antica is a Gothic triptych from the 15th century or the connected new church from 1972 ( architect Marcello Armani from Trento) and a museum on the mountain guides and outstanding personalities from Madonna di Campiglio.