Madrid Codex (Maya)

The Codex Tro-Cortesianus is a famous manuscript in the Maya writing ( Mayaglyphen ), which is preserved in Madrid. The Code is a Faltbuch with 112 pages, which is at a height of 22.6 centimeters page 6.82 meters long. It is the longest of the three authentic with security Maya manuscripts that have survived despite the destruction of the Spanish Conquest. The other two manuscripts are of the Dresden Codex ( Dresden Codex ) and the Paris Codex ( Codex Peresianus ).

The Codex Tro-Cortesianus consists of the Codex and Codex Tro Cortesianus, both parts of a single original document.

The Madrid manuscript provides insights into the religious life of the Maya. It contains Venus boards and a section of eleven pages, which deals with beekeeping. The gods are represented in this book of magic in a grotesque drawing. Presumably the book for astrological predictions was used and allowed the determination of the best sowing and harvesting dates and timing for sacrificial rituals.