Madriz Department

Madriz is a department in Nicaragua on the border with Honduras.

The capital of Madriz Somoto is. The department has an area of ​​1602 km ² and a total population of 136,000 inhabitants ( 2006 calculation ), which corresponds to a population density of about 85 inhabitants / km ².

The department is named after the former president José Madriz ( 1867-1911 ).


Economically Madriz is dominated by coffee and cereal crops.

2003 were extremely poor in Madriz 74.6 % of the population poor and 37.1 %. 75 % of the population lived on the land that is affected by drought and deforestation, which led to a depletion of groundwater; in the basins of the rivers took the erosion for agricultural production. There is unemployment, poor living conditions and malnutrition ..

Administrative divisions

The Department of Madriz in turn is divided into nine Municipalities: