Mae Chaem District

Amphoe Mae Chaem ( in Thai: อำเภอ แม่แจ่ม ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the west of the province of Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai province is located in the northern region of Thailand.


Neighboring districts are ( from east clockwise): Amphoe Samoeng the Mae Wang, Chom Thong and Hot Chiang Mai Province, Mae Sariang, Mae La Noi, Khun Yuam, Mueang Mae Hong Son and Pai of Mae Hong Son province

The height above sea level in Mae Chaem is 282-2565 meters. The highest point, Doi Inthanon is also the highest mountain of Thailand. The large differences in height within Mae Chaems require several different climate zones with different vegetation. Less than 1.000 meters outweigh wing fruit plants ( dipterocarp ) with mixed forest, 900-1500 m altitude growing tropical pine forest alternating with evergreen forest, which grows to a height of 2,000 meters. About 2,000 meters there is a tropical cloud forest. Steep slopes with gradients up to 25 % are not uncommon and promote soil erosion. The soil is therefore very limited capable of storing water. The river Mae Chaem is a tributary of the Ping and forms an important water source.


1908, the district Mueang Chaem was established consisting of the Tambon Mae Thap, Tha Pha, Chang Khoeng and Mae Suek that were cleaved from Chom Thong. In 1917 the district was renamed Chang Khoeng because the head office in that tambon had its headquarters. 1938, the district was downgraded to a sub-district ( King Amphoe ) and subordinated to the Amphoe Chom Thong. 1939 this Sub-district was renamed in Mae Chaem and was awarded in 1956 to the rich Amphoe status.


The circle is divided into ten subdistricts (tambon ), which are further subdivided into 131 villages ( Muban ).

Mae Chaem itself ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล แม่แจ่ม ) has a small-town status ( thesaban tambon) and covers parts of the tambon Chang Khoeng.

In addition, there are ten " Tambon Administrative Organizations" ( TAO - administrative units ).