Maffeiplatz (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Maffeiplatz (abbreviation: MP) is the 10th Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn and was opened on 23 September 1975. It is 630 meters from Aufseßplatz Metro Station and 673 meters from the Frankish Road underground station and is served by the lines U1 and U11. The Maffeiplatz is according to the Bavarian industrialist Joseph Anton von Maffei (1790 - 1870) called, go back to, among others, the Kraus -Maffei works.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Lichtenhof and extends below the ground in north-south direction under the Pillenreuther road between Maffei and knight - of - shoe - place in the north as well as Siemens and Zwinglistraße in the south. From the northern platform, a head, leading into a distribution of levels below the intersection Pillenreuther road and from there via ramps to Maffei and Knight of shoe space, stairs to the east and west side of the Pillenreuther road. From the South Head one, leading into a basement under the distributor Pillenreuther road and from there via ramps to the Siemens and Zwinglistraße. An elevator leads from South Head to the train station to the surface.

Building and Architecture

Construction of the 200 m long station building began in 1972 and were carried out in an open design with Berlin wall. The elevator was upgraded in 1983.

The color of the subway station is green. The tiled with ceramic tiles platform walls are green from the ground up to the height of the platform edge, then white with interruption by the band with the platform names ( white lettering on a green background ) and then back to green to ceiling. The round support columns are also tiled in green.