Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli is an Italian automotive company that was founded in 1919 and is part of Fiat SpA Group.

The name is derived from magnetic articles from that in the form of ignition systems, ignition coils and generators ( alternators ) were installed in automobiles and motorcycles, and are.

The company manufactures mainly electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry.

Outline of the company

Automotive Lighting

In 1999, Magneti Marelli and brought the Robert Bosch GmbH ( K2 lighting division ) at which each company held its lighting division to the joint venture automotive lighting, initially 50%. After two years, Bosch has reduced its share to 25 % and eventually sold in 2003, the remaining shares of Magneti Marelli. Today the company with headquarters in Reutlingen, the selling section of Magneti Marelli with about 1.8 billion euros in sales in 2012. In 16 production, two development centers and 13 application centers around 13 480 people are employed worldwide.


Magneti Marelli is also one of the largest suppliers of injection, similar to Bosch. The development of the car Dieseldirekteinspritzers by the Fiat group in the 1980s and the development of the common rail injection system in the 1990s was created under the lead of this company participation. The Fiat Croma with Magneti Marelli equipment was in 1987, one year ahead of the Audi 100 TDI, the first car with a diesel direct injection. In 2009, these business divisions contributed 850 million euros to sales of Magenti Marelli.

Electronic Systems

Another area is the production of instrument clusters, as Veglia Borletti was once einständig. It also instruments are manufactured under the name Jaeger, a brand that has common roots with the luxury watch manufacturer Jaeger- LeCoultre.

Suspension system

Exhaust Systems

Plastic compenents & Modules

Aftermarket Parts & Services

Worldwide Distribution of spare parts. 585 employees in the Americas, Europe and the United States generated a turnover of 340 million euros in 2012.


Magneti Marelli is also active as a supplier in motorsport. Among other things, the company equips formula 1 teams: the Fiat subsidiary, Ferrari, Renault, Toyota, Red Bull Racing and BMW - Sauber.