Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man is a dubstep music project of British DJs Benga, Skream and Artwork.


Met each of the three DJs have been around the turn of the millennium. In Croydon they operated a record store and a label. Only in 2007, after their solo careers had been established, they came up with the idea together under the name Magnetic Man perform. Initially they tried to keep their identity a secret, but failed quickly. The following year, they performed in front of large audiences at the Roskilde Festival in 2009 and signed a recording contract with Sony Music.

Their debut single I Need Air with Angela Hunte as a singer became an instant Top 10 hit. The first single Perfect Stranger to their debut album came in at number 16, named after their project album was with number 5 in the UK album charts a great success.



  • Magnetic Man (2010)


  • I Need Air (featuring Angela Hunter, 2010)
  • Perfect Stranger (featuring Katy B, 2010)
  • Crossover (featuring Katy B, 2010)
  • Getting Nowhere (featuring John Legend, 2010)
  • Fire ( Feat. Ms. Dynamite, 2010)


  • Magnetic Man: Dubstep 's first supergroup, Guardian, September 9, 2010 (English )