Magnolia (CMS)

Magnolia is a free content management system (CMS ) based on Java. The system supports many standards such as JSR 168, JSR 170, the operation of Magnolia is done entirely through the browser: Here, the system not only supports Internet Explorer and Firefox but Safari and Mozilla Camino on Mac OS. Is developed from the Magnolia Magnolia International Ltd.. (formerly Obinary Ltd. ) from Basel.


Magnolia has been developed since 2003 and was initially marketed as a pure open source software. Since 2006, Magnolia is available in two versions: The Community Edition is available under GPL, the paid Enterprise version includes additional, important features such as versioning.


The independent company Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch ) has included in its comprehensive Magnolia CMS Market Overview. Magnolia is there associated with, eg, eZ Publish and Clickability category " Mid- Range Products ".

A comparison in the magazine iX December 2007, Magnolia in version 3.0.2 of the Apache Lenya Content Management Systems and OpenCMS over and it turned out that Magnolia " the Java Content Repository standard JSR -170 as the three systems The only " uses. In Conclusion design and ergonomics were emphasized: " [ CMS ] makes use of the architecture and of the surface, the best impression. " For the differences between the different licensed versions was found: "While the paid Enterprise Edition has a rich feature set, missing the free Community Edition a few important features such as the page designer and versioning. "