The magnussoft Germany GmbH is a European player software publishers and developers of computer games based in boiler near Dresden. Outside Europe occurs magnussoft on exclusively as a developer, leaving the publishing other companies.

Became known magnussoft primarily through the acquisition of licenses for software that was originally programmed for 8- bit home computers of the 1980s: the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Atari XL / XE and Atari ST. It appeared the general series Retro Classix and special versions, covering only certain systems such as Amiga Classix or C64 Classix. From the compilation of software released for the Amiga by the year 2008, four follow-on products.

The company released in the past ten years, more than 160 items from the categories Adventure Games, Board Puzzle Games up to shooters - but also applications and educational software. Included are both in-house developments, as well as licensed productions, which are marketed under different labels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Great Britain and the United States of America.

Magnussoft has established itself in the market both in the middle and in the lower price segment and is working with longtime partners such as ak tronic Software & Services, Koch Media and the Weltbild publishing group together. In addition magnussoft two more branches established in other parts of Europe.

The level of awareness within Germany can best be on ZETA, attributed to the wide range of retro games and classics like Aquanoid, Barkanoid or plot of Use.

Games (selection)

  • Amiga Classix
  • Aquanoid
  • Barkanoid
  • Boulder Match
  • Break It
  • C64 Classix
  • Colossus Chess
  • Dr. Tool Series
  • Fix & Foxi series
  • Jacks Crazy Cong
  • Jump Jack
  • KLIX
  • Packs series
  • Plot of Use
  • Pool Iceland
  • Retro Classix
  • Sokoman
  • Summer Games, Winter Games and California Games (all 2009)

Applications (selection)

  • Dr Brain Series
  • Dr. Tool Series (brain Sport, eye training, math trainer)
  • Driver Cataloger
  • Easy Boot Manager (Boot Manager 2000, power boot manager )
  • Typing Tutor

Educational software (selection)

  • German, English and math for dwarfs
  • German, math and expertise - Pfiffikus
  • German and math compilation
  • Driving school
  • German, math and expertise 1st - 4th grade


In 2006 came magnussoft through the development of BeOS successor ZETA OS in public criticism and made a then the financing of the project.


Has since mid-2006 magnussoft the license rights to develop and distribute Fix and Foxi in PC games area. The contract for this was the Caucasus Promedia closed, the diverse characters who Rolf Caucasus has created over the last 50 years managed. In early 2007, magnussoft the first Fix & Foxi PC games such as Fix and Foxi disturb the maze, Fix and Foxi toy factory and Lupo's Big Adventure.


  • Amiga Classix
  • Aquanoid
  • Barkanoid
  • C64 Classix
  • Dr. Brain
  • Dr. Tool
  • Epyx
  • Retro Classix