Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom Nyrt. ( German: Hungarian Telecom) is the leading telecommunications company in Hungary. It is a public limited company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange.

Its major shareholder is 59.53 % with the German Telekom. Magyar Telekom is omnipresent through the operation of all telephone booths in Hungary.

  • 3.1 Business 2004
  • 3.2 Business 2005

History in numbers

  • December 31, 1989 - The Hungarian Post Office is divided into three independently operating companies ( postal, broadcasting and telecommunications).
  • December 31, 1991 - Matáv Hungarian Telecommunications Ltd.. was recognized as the successor to the former state enterprise telecommunications and until the end of 1993 to 100 % state-owned.
  • July 1, 1993 - A new telecommunications law classified the telecommunications sector in two categories ( mobile and fixed-line sector sector).
  • December 22, 1993 - For the purchase price of $ 875 million the MagyarCom consortium ( German Telekom and Ameritech ) was awarded the contract for 30.29 % of the privatized telecommunications company Matáv and were thus owner of the only concession for telecommunications. They held so that by 2002 the monopoly on long distance calls in the international and national long-distance transport in Hungary.
  • December 20, 1994 - The second round of privatization of Matáv MagyarCom ended with the shares of the bidding consortium were increased for a purchase price of $ 852 million to 59.53 %. The privatization of Matáv thus became the largest privatization in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest investment in Hungary.
  • November 14, 1997 - IPO on the stock exchanges of Budapest and New York. Shortly thereafter, another 26 % of the shares in the company were traded on the open market. With the IPO in New York Matáv was the first central European company was traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 2000 - The German Telekom takes over from its partner SBC Communications Inc. ( rights holders of Ameritech ) for a purchase price of $ 2.2 billion, 29.95% shares it holds in MagyarCom. Thus, the German Telekom held 59.53 % of the shares in Matáv. The remaining 40.47 % of the shares were in free float Matáv, 1 paper in possession of Hungary. The profit of Matáv was last year at € 1.5 billion. With the mobile subsidiary, Westel 900 Matáv reached the end of 1999, according to the telecom 842,000 customers, representing a share of the Hungarian mobile market by 55%. At Westel the German Telekom at that time held 49%.
  • December 23, 2001 - With the liberalization of the Hungarian telecommunications market monopoly Matávs falls away.
  • January 1, 2005 - The Matáv Group closes its restructuring from the efficiency improvement and is now divided into three areas (Business sector, the retail sector and the mobile sector ). Here, the workforce of approximately 10,000 employees was reduced by about 1/3.
  • January 2005 - The German Telekom holds 59.49 % of Matáv Rt

Highlights of the company's development

IPO on 14 November 1997

Although Matáv was considered Hungarian success story was the IPO in 1997 at the Budapest and New York Stock Exchange is not without problems. So in the course of the preparations were submitted to the IPO a total of 15 complaints from private concession companies for regional networks in the Hungarian regulatory authority. This was due to high fees on long distance (about 40 percent of revenue) for the use of Matávnetze.

Name change

On 6 May 2005, the company was renamed Magyar Telekom. Thus, the largest change in name of Hungary went into the deciding round. At the same time all businesses were given the T in the name. The company changed color to Telekom typical magenta.

The individual divisions were given the following names:

  • T -Com fixed network division for private clients (formerly Matáv Wireline Services Line of Business )
  • T-Systems landline business for corporate clients (formerly Matáv Business Services Line of Business )
  • T-Online Internet Service Provider ( formerly Axelero )
  • T- Kábel cable network division (formerly MatávKábel TV)
  • T -Pont retail facilities (formerly Matáv Pont)

Matávs reasons for the name change:

  • A closer association with the German Telekom is possible.
  • The transfer of know -how to vonstattengehen even smoother.
  • Synergies will be driven by the standardization of products and affect the sales results.
  • Furthermore, the Hungarian enterprises are with the magenta - T on behalf immediately benefit from the marketing efforts of the DT companies.
  • Furthermore, all former Matáv divisions and investments are now again be seen as members of a large company.

Cost of the rebranding:

  • The total costs are not fixed yet. However, the cost of the name change from Westel to T -Mobile to 6 to 7 billion forints ( about 24 to 28 million € ) amounted. (Source: newspaper Napi Gazdaság )
  • As with Westel the German Telekom will pay as the principal owner again for all costs arising directly from the name change.

Rebranding 2008

In autumn 2008 a further rebranding was made ​​so Magyar Telekom now occurs with the same brand structure as well as on the German market: T-Home for communication at home, T -Mobile and T-Systems on the go for business customers.

Key data of the company

Fiscal year 2004

  • Mobile phone sector - market share at 46.2 %, customers 4,032,045 ( 31 December 2004)
  • Internet division - a broadband connection ( ADSL) 203 654 ( 31 December 2004)
  • Cable TV - 383 904 customers ( 31 December 2004)
  • Landline business - Business & Private Customers 2.82466 million ( 31 December 2004)

Fiscal year 2005

Corporate Outline

  • T-Systems ( landline business customers )
  • T -Com (fixed line residential customers ) - over 3 million fixed lines
  • T-Online ( Internet Service Provider ) - about 200,000 Internet users and 1.5 million free e-mail users
  • T -Mobile (mobile ) - 50 % market coverage for customers 4 million

Management ( Magyar Telekom )

  • Chief Executive Officer Magyar Telekom, ( Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ) - Matt Christopher Heisen
  • Chief Operating Officer, Business Services Business Unit - Róbert Budafoki
  • Chief Sales and Services Officer - Attila Keszeg
  • Board Member Finance ( Chief Financial Officer ) - Thilo Kusch from September 15, 2006
  • Member of the Board staff, ( Chief Human Resources Officer ) - Eva Somorjai
  • Chief Information Technology Officer - Istvan Maradi

Corporate expansion

  • January 2001 - A consortium led by Matáv accepts Makedonski Telekomunikacii ( MakTel ), the provider of telecommunications in Macedonia.
  • July 2001 - The Matáv Group is the principal owner of Emitel Rt, a provider of telecommunications solutions in the business area in southern Hungary.
  • December 2001 - Matáv concluded with Deutsche Telekom from the transactions, which Matáv now 49% shareholder in Westel and Westel was 0660. ( Westel is a mobile provider )
  • January 2005 - T-Mobile Hungary 100 % owned by Matáv Rt
  • March 2005 - Matáv takes over for a purchase price of € 114 million majority stake ( 51.12 %), the leading telecommunications company in Montenegro of the Telekom Crne Gore (TCG ). In addition Matáv acquires for a purchase price of € 17 million, around 16 % of the shares of another enterprise owners to early April. Planned to further share purchases of TCG.


  • Matáv support events in the fields of culture, sports and entertainment. Especially Classical, Jazz, theater productions and major sporting events are supported.