• Madhabi Mukherjee: Arati Mazumdar
  • Anil Chatterjee: Subrata Mazumdar
  • Haren Chatterjee: Priyogopal, Subratas father
  • Sefalika Devi Sarojini, Subratas mother
  • Jaya Bhaduri: Bani, Subratas sister
  • Prasenjit Sarkar: Pintu, son
  • Haradhan Bandopadhyay; Mukherjee, Aratis Boss
  • Vicky Redwood: Edith Simmons

Mahanagar ( Bengali: মহানগর, Mahanagar; translated: the city ) is an Indian film directed by Satyajit Ray in 1963, he was created from the short story by Narendranath Mitra Abataranika. .


In Kolkata the mid-1950s the family Mazumdar ( Subrata, his wife Arati, whose son, Subratas parents and his sister ) lives under one roof. Subrata works for a bank and can maintain his income large family difficult alone - his father needs new glasses, the school fees of his sister is due and his mother would like to have new tobacco.

As told Subrata Arati from a respectable family in which the wife goes to work, Arti summarizes the plan, contrary to all conventions contribute to the family income by working. Against the wishes of her in-laws she takes a job as a saleswoman of knitting machines.

Working life wins her a new dimension of life, she is successful and will always self-assured, Subrata, however, is uncertain, his father urges him to move Arati to the task of the job. When she wants to cancel the next day, she calls Subrata and tells her that he has just lost his job at the bank; Arati, becoming the sole breadwinner of the family. Subrata suffers increasingly from work to go to see his wife while he unsuccessfully seeks job offers. He alienated from Arati.

Arati has found in her Anglo-Indian colleague Edith Simmons made ​​a new friend. Her boss Mukherjee sees Edith basis of their descent a woman with loose lifestyle and announces she finally. Arati is made for them at him, her will but also threatened with dismissal. Then she gives her old Mukherjee termination letter and goes. On the road, she meets her husband, who is shocked by her news. They reconcile, however, and Arati is certain that in a big city like Kolkata one of them is again determined to find a job. They disappear into the crowd.


It is the first film of actress Madhabi Mukherjee with Ray, she also appeared yet in whose films Charulata (1964) and Kapurush (1965). Her film debut was in 1959, however, the actress in a film by Mrinal Sen.

Jaya Bhaduri had in Mahanagar her first film appearance.


" A touching and amusing contribution of the important Indian filmmaker about the emancipation of women; atmospherically dense, broad and deliberately staged. "


  • Certificate of Merit, New Delhi, 1964
  • Silver Bear for Best Director, Berlin 1964