Mahle GmbH

The MAHLE Group is an active and production in many countries around the world automotive supplier with headquarters in Stuttgart. Mahle is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers in the world and is considered a leading development partner of the automotive and engine industry.

As a manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine and its peripherals Mahle is one of the three largest system suppliers of pistons, cylinders and valve controls (valve stems ).

Mahle employed worldwide in 2012 approximately 48,000 employees in 100 production plants and eight research and development centers. At the German sites about 8,988 employees at that time were active. Around 3,000 engineers and technicians work as a development partner for our customers on concepts, products and systems for the advancement of the internal combustion engine. 2012, the Mahle Group achieved a turnover of over 6.2 billion euros

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In 1920, the engineer Hellmuth Hirth together with others in the district of Stuttgart, Cannstatt a small workshop where he developed two-stroke engines and built. On 1 December 1920, the 26 -year-old businessman Hermann Mahle joined as the seventh employee in the company by Hellmuth Hirth. The workshop was now called " Versuchsbau Hellmuth Hirth ". This December 1, 1920 is considered as the birthday of the current Mahle Group.

Relatively quickly became clear that the workshop could not stay afloat only with engine tests on a permanent basis. It was necessary to build a profitable branch of production, which made it possible, the engine attempts to operate on. At this time, flasks were mainly used in gray iron in automobile production; they came up with the idea to produce pistons made ​​of light alloy for internal combustion engines.

On November 1, 1922, the brother of Hermann Mahle, the engineer Ernst Mahle joined, with 26 years as a technical manager in the operation of a. 1924 came the name change to electric Metall GmbH. 1927, the company developed the first control piston in Germany and in 1931 the world's first aluminum ring carrier piston for diesel engines. In the following period the piston technique was further improved.

The Mahle logo was introduced in 1938, and the company was renamed KG MAHLE. The company developed steadily on, always new products were invented and produced (eg aluminum cylinder with Cromal tread 1951).

1964 approved the company's founder Hermann and Ernst Mahle, bring their ownership of the company in a charitable foundation. They dispensed with most of their personal property and transferred their shares to the MAHLE Foundation GmbH.

1976 was the first European meal with aluminum engine blocks made ​​of a hypereutectic alloy on the market. 1988, the so-called composite camshaft was developed for series production in 2001 and presents a new concept for cooling piston high-revving car diesel engines. 2003, the first all-plastic oil filter followed worldwide. In the same year developed and built its first complete engine Mahle; this came in the Formula Student used.

2005 saw the acquisition of Cosworth Technology Ltd.. with offices in the UK and the U.S. - now MAHLE Powertrain Ltd.. and the complete takeover of the Brockhaus Soehne GmbH, Germany - now MAHLE Brockhaus GmbH.

October 2009 agreement with the ' KTM Radiator GmbH ' on the acquisition of the automotive business at the location Mattighofen / Austria.

2010 took over Mahle Behr Industry 60 % and 19.9% ​​of the shares in Mahle Behr GmbH & Co. KG, which they increased in January 2011 to 36.85 %.

In January 2012, the MAHLE InnoWa membrane has taken headquartered in Schwaikheim.

In May 2013, MAHLE has increased its stake in the Mahle Behr GmbH & Co. KG from 36.85 percent to around 51 percent.

Mahle is in the manufacture of pistons, engine components and forging Crackpleueln world leader, the Mahle NFV at Schiffsbilgewasserentölern.

Development sites

Worldwide, about 3,000 development engineers and technicians in numerous development sites and eight research and development centers (Stuttgart, Northampton, Detroit (Farmington Hills, Novi ), Tokyo ( Kawagoe, Okegawa ), Shanghai and São Paulo ( Jundiaí ) ).



  • Engine systems and components:

Aluminium pistons for gasoline and diesel engines, articulated and steel pistons for commercial vehicle engines, piston assemblies, complete power cell modules, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, cylinder liners, bearings and bushings, piston inserts, valve train systems and components, turbocharger parts.

  • Filtration and Engine Peripherals:

Regulated and unregulated oil and water pumps, air intake and air filter systems, cylinder head covers with integrated oil mist separators, active and passive oil mist separator with pressure regulating valves for crankcase ventilation, exhaust gas recirculation systems, mechatronics components, oil filter modules, oil pumps, oil and fuel filters, fuel filter modules, fuel pressure regulator, in-line fuel filter, activated carbon filter modules, transmission oil filter modules, controlled oil and coolant pumps, heat exchangers for engines and transmissions, hydraulic oil filters, air dryer.

  • Thermal management:

Vehicle air conditioning, engine cooling

  • Aftermarket:

Supply of free spare parts market worldwide with engine components, filters and supplement products in OEM quality.

  • Industry:

Fluid filtration, dust removal, process, liquid separators and treatment systems, large-bore pistons, thermal management.

Profit Center

The profit center by Mahle in detail:

  • Motorsport and special motors:

Motorsport: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, NIKASIL - coated cylinder surfaces and bushes and bearings and bushings. Special motors: aluminum foundry, machining of cylinder heads and engine blocks, cylinder head assembly, engine production in small series.

  • Engineering Services:

Benchmarking, simulation and analysis, design, calibration, engine and vehicle electronics, diagnostic equipment, prototyping, bench top testing, component processing, ( small series ) engine production.

  • Small Engine Components:

Cylinder assemblies, cylinder heads, pistons and filters for small engines of hand -held power equipment, motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

  • Mechatronics:

Mechatronic systems and components for automotive applications

  • Thermostats and Valves

Wax elements, thermostat inserts, integral thermostats, thermostats housing, map-controlled thermostats, bypass thermostats, transmission oil thermostats, water valves, thermal switch, thermostat, oil thermostat and insets, sleeve valve thermostatic inserts

  • Operating units:

Control and operating devices for vehicle air conditioning, fan controllers, controllers for electric auxiliary heating and air sensors.

  • Front-end modules:

The front-end module is a complex assembly unit with very high demands on function, technology and fit. The visible parts are depending on the equipment, the headlights, the radiator grille and the bumper. Behind them are the front- mounting bracket, the components of the vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling systems, the crash management system.

Major German companies of the Mahle Group

  • MAHLE GmbH ( parent company and owner of all the other companies)
  • MAHLE International GmbH
  • MAHLE Filter Systems GmbH
  • MAHLE GmbH valvetrain
  • MAHLE Engine Components GmbH
  • MAHLE Small Engine Components GmbH & Co. KG
  • MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH (100 %)
  • MAHLE Industrial Filtration GmbH (100 %)
  • Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems GmbH & Co. KG (50 %); together with the Robert Bosch GmbH
  • MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG (60 %)
  • Mahle Behr ( 51%)

Ownership structure

The MAHLE Group is now 99.9 percent owned founded by the brothers Ernst and Hermann Mahle 1964 MAHLE Foundation GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart. The Foundation is managed by an independent Board of Trustees and receives a portion of company profits paid out as a dividend each year. The Foundation is among other major shareholder of Filderklinik in Filderstadt- Bonlanden near Stuttgart. 0.1 percent of the company holding the Mabeg society for the support and advice of the MAHLE Group eV, also based in Stuttgart.


The management of MAHLE GmbH consists of six members:

  • Heinz K. Junker (since 1996 Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Mahle Group )
  • Michael Glowatzki (since 2005)
  • Rudolf Paulik (since 2008)
  • Bernhard Volkmann (since 1997)
  • Wilhelm Emperhoff (since October 2012)
  • Arnd Franz ( February 2013)
  • Jörg Stratmann (since January 2014)

MAHLE Inside Museum

Opened in September 2008, the Mahle MAHLE Inside Museum. Architects were Heinisch Lembach Huber and from Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The outer skin of the new museum building is coated with different metals and thus refers to the content. At 1,200 square meters of exhibition space, visitors get an insight into the technology and knowledge of the Group, its products, the history and the philosophy that motivated the company and its founders. The museum has won a 2010 German Design Award.