Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

  • Hrithik Roshan: Prem Kishen Mathur
  • Kareena Kapoor: Sanjana
  • Abhishek Bachchan: Prem Kumar
  • Himani Shivpuri: Susheela / Sanjanas mother
  • Pankaj Kapoor: Satyaprakash / Sanjanas father
  • Reema Lagoo: Prem Kumar's mother
  • Johnny Lever Johnny
  • Javed Jaffrey: cameo
  • Farida Jalal: Mrs. Kapoor

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (Hindi: मैं प्रेम की दीवानी हूँ, Urdu: میں پریم کی دیوانی ہیں, translated: "I 'm crazy about Prem " ) is a love story of Sooraj R. Barjatya in the year 2003.


Sanjana is a modern, somewhat freaky girl who has just made her college degree. After her parents' view, it is to think for them slow time of marriage. Fortunately Sanjanas sister Roopa from America has found the perfect man for Sanjana. It is Prem Kumar, the head of a large company in the U.S.. After Roopas description it should be a very nice, reserved man, and soon come to them at Sundernagar.

As Sanjanas father Satyaprakash Prem picks up from the airport, he is very confused. This Prem is anything but restrained. Sanjana can not stand him and tries to annoy him all the time. But Prem is really in love with Sanjana, and as they spend some time together, she shows her affection for him. Out of love himself Prem tattooed even Sanjanas name on the arm.

Everything seems fine until Sanjanas parents will receive an e -mail from Roopa. In the e -mail states that Prem Kumar was unable to come and join him is only in a few days. Meanwhile, he sent his project Prem Kishen Mathur. For Sanjanas mother Susheela one thing is clear: Sanjana has the "wrong" Prem forget to marry the "right" Prem.

As Prem Kumar shows up, Prem Kishen must travel to Delhi. Without Sanjanas knowledge they should be verkuppelt with Prem Kumar. The two spend their time together and Prem falls in love with her.

After some time Sanjana learns of the wedding plans with Prem Kumar. She is very desperate, but dares not to tell her Prem Kishen. At her birthday party, however, the whole truth comes to light. In the family photo white Prem Kishen, Prem's that mysterious love is its Sanjana. Immediately exits the house.

At the engagement party Sanjana eagerly awaits her Prem. When he finally appears, she runs up to him, pulls him down the sleeves and kneels down before him, weeping. Prem Kumar sees the tattoo with Sanjanas name and he realizes that Sanjana loves another Prem. He dissolves the engagement, so as not to stand in the way of happiness.


" A brave Bollywood film fulfills its entertainment tasks dutiful, without being able to be carried away, which focuses on something pale cast and to conventional staging in the way. "