Major general

Major General ( Generalmajor ), International English Major -General ( MGen ), in a variety of forces, a two -star general from the rank group of generals.

In the NATO countries of Major General is usually found at the management level as commander of a division.

In the images of the insignia, rank insignia or rank loops are shown as rank, which are worn mostly as a shoulder pieces, but also as an insignia or collar flap.

  • 2.1 Austria ( - Hungary)
  • 2.2 Austria after 1955
  • 6.1 Soviet Union


Rank insignia on service dress


The Major General rank as solved in the 18th century gradually the general field sergeant from, as you also replaced the rank field sergeant or colonel field sergeant by the name Major.


The Bundeswehr is the Major General and the Surgeon General is the third highest rank of generals in the Army and Air Force.

Typical uses for major generals of the Armed Forces are division commander, bureau chief of the Army Office and Air Force Office, Deputy Commanding General and Deputy Commander of the Forces Command and Chief of Staff of the guide bars of the armed forces and organizational areas.

In the medical service of the Armed Forces are the equivalent to this rank of surgeon general and the admiral staff physician.

Air force

Surgeon General

Rear Admiral (Navy)

Admiral staff physician

National People's Army of the GDR

In the land forces and air forces of the National People's Army, or the Border Troops of the GDR, the Major General was the first rank of General of the rank group of generals. In the German armed forces in the 19th and 20th century and in the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact Major-General was also the lowest rank of general.

The ranking was:

The equivalent to Major General rank was Rear Admiral of the People's Navy.

  • LSK Generalmajor Flying suit

People's Navy Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral sleeve insignia

Imperial Army, Reichswehr and Wehrmacht

With the unification in 1871, the ranks of the Prussian army were transferred to the Reich Heer, which were then adopted by the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht.

In the German armies the rank of Major General for the commander of the plane was brigade / division, frequently used for the commanders of a military authority or body by the end of the Second World War.

Shoulder army

Camouflage battle dress

Surgeon-General Army until 1921

General Veterinary army

Air Force Major General / Major General ( Ing )

Air force insignia

Air Force aviator blouse


Austria ( - Hungary)

In Austria, as in other countries by the end of the 18th century the lowest General Charge " General Field Sergeant " by the title " Major General " replaced. The nunmehrige order was Major General, Lieutenant- General ( Feldzeugmeister ), Field Marshal. 1915, the rank of Colonel General was introduced in the imperial army, making it the second highest rank in the imperial Generals was. The title Colonel General and Field Marshal were maintained until 1938 substantially.

Austria after 1955

After the re- establishment of the Republic in 1945 the title of Major General was awarded by the Government to the Undersecretary of State for Military Affairs Winterer, but the office could not exercise because of the opposition of the occupying powers.

With the recovery of sovereignty in 1955 the title of Major-General was reintroduced. Downstream of this was soon the title " Brigadier " as the lowest general batch. Only between 1980 and 2003 this name was replaced by " Major General ". However, the rank of Major General was during missions abroad continue to be awarded. The rank insignia until 1980 contained a star since - adapted to international practices - two stars.

Moreover, the use designation Major General for senior officials (E1 ) is the executive branch in Austria used; including federal police and prison officers. As it is mentioned in the wax bodies to civilian corporations that are organized only by military pattern, it is not " police officers ", but they only lead officer ranks as a use designation. In addition, a direct comparison with the ranks of the armed forces is not possible because in the federal police tasks expected in the military a lower-level officer of senior service officials carrying (E 2 ), ie members of the middle reaches of the orbital plane to perceive.

  • Major General (two- star General )

Shoulder Armed Forces

Insignia army

Plate cap army

Major General of the Federal Police


In the Swiss Army, there is no rank Major General, instead, the equivalent rank Major General. The only exception is used in Panmunjeom Swiss officer of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission ( NNSC ), the rank of Major General is awarded for the duration of his mission, respectively. Current incumbent is Colonel in the General Staff Urs Gerber.


France knows compared to major general the Général de division, which usually performs a division and is above the Brigadier as Général de brigade and below the Général de corps d' armée.

The term major- général referred to herein does not rank, but the capacities of serving under a higher-ranking general or admiral Chiefs of Staff.

East Timor

In the East Timor Defence Force commander Taur Matan military Ruak held the rank of Major -general since 2009. Previously, he was still Brigadeiro ( Brigadier General ). After his retirement in 2011, Lere Anan Timor, his successor was promoted to major general.

Russian Federation

Air force

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have the rank of general of the Einsternegenerals in 1991 from the armed forces of the Soviet Union, called Major General: accepted ( ru генерал - майор / General - major).

The Russian lieutenant general corresponds to the NATO rank code OF- sixth

Soviet Union

In the Red Army of the Soviet Union, the General ranks were reintroduced on May 7, 1940. Major General was the lowest rank in the group of generals. The order was Soviet General ranks since 1940 and 1943:

  • Major General, in front of brigade commander
  • Lieutenant General, Division Commander ( Com Div )
  • Colonel-General, before Corps Commander
  • General of the Army, Army Commander before 2nd rank
  • Chief Marshal (from 1943), in front of army commander 1st rank


The corresponding rank in the Spanish armed forces is called " General de División ".

For medical officers of the rank of General de División means Médico.

United States

The United States Army, the United States Air Force and the United States Marine Corps know the rank of Major General. In the hierarchy of these stands over the Brigadier General and Lieutenant General. The U.S. Sold stage is O -8, NATO rank code OF- but 7th

A Major General surgery leads a division with four to six brigades and thus 15,000-20,000 soldiers. Otherwise, Major Generals senior officers in bars.