The erosion crater (Hebrew: מכתש - " Machtesh ", plural: מכתשים - " machteshim ") of the Negev desert in Israel are unique geological phenomena worldwide. The Negev is home to five such craters. Two more are located in the adjacent Sinai in Egypt, the Negev has many features in common. The craters of the Negev are ( according to size ):

  • Makhtesh Ramon
  • Makhtesh Gadol ( Machtesh Chatira )
  • Makhtesh Katan ( Machtesh Chazera )
  • The two tiny Machtesh Arif.

These craters are no volcanic crater, but erosion crater. Because of the peculiarity of this geological phenomenon has become the Hebrew term " Makhtesh " naturalized in the geological jargon.

Emergence of the erosion crater ( Negev Desert)

The result is a unique geological window that reveals the geology of millions of years.