Malaccamax, rarely Malakkamax is a size classification for ships that just can pass through the Strait of Malacca fully loaded.


The determining factor in the passage is in this case the depth of the Straits of Malacca, which is deep in some places only 25 meters (m). If a ship Malaccamax dimensions exceed (post - Malaccamax ), a very large detour would be necessary, as well as the next " alternative route ", the adjacent Sunda Strait, only a water depth of 20 m.

Possible detours would

  • Through the Lombok Strait, Makassar Strait, Sibutu Passage and Mindoro Strait,
  • Through the Strait of Ombai, Banda Sea, Lifamatola - road between the Sula Islands and the island of Obi and the Molukkensee, or
  • Around Australia.

Alternatively, one could

  • The Strait of Malacca to be dredged, especially at the Strait of Singapore, or
  • The proposed Kra Canal to be built.

Ship size

The term Malaccamax is used to time the one for large bulk carriers and VLCCs, which reach this magnitude now or exceed, and on the other, so far only projected container vessels to reach that size.

For example, the bulk carrier Berge Stahl load a draft of about 23 m.

Malaccamax container ships correspond approximately to a size of 300,000 DWT, 470 m long, 60 m wide and 20 m depth. You should be able to hold 30,000 TEUs. The largest, currently still under construction container ships with 18,000 TEU have a draft of - after 16,000 - TEU vessels with 16 m - only 15.50 m and are still far from Malaccamax. There are no corresponding terminals for Malaccamax container ships. Although the port operator Euro gate advertises that he will put in the Jade - Weser Port in Wilhelmshaven called Malaccamax container bridges available, but the Jade -Weser- Port as such is only a draft of 18 meters, less than for Malaccamax required permit.