Malagasy ariary

1 EUR = 3224.1 MGA 1000 MGA = 0.31016 EUR

1 CHF = 2635.1 MGA 1000 MGA = 0.37949 CHF

The Ariary is the currency of Madagascar. He released on 1 August 2003 from the Malagasy Franc. 1 Ariary is divided into 5 Iraimbilanja. This is the Malagasy currency, in addition to the Mauritanian Ouguiya, the world's only that differs from the decimal system. The exchange rate is 1 = Ariary Malagasy 5 Francs, thus corresponds to a Iraimbilanja exactly one Malagasy Franc. The value in Malagasy Franc was still printed on the banknotes until mid-2009, albeit smaller. Between June 2009 and January 2010, new banknotes were issued, on which the value is no longer displayed in francs. According to the Malagasy central reason for the introduction of the new currency is the introduction of the euro in the EU, through which the previously used Franc has lost its counterpart in France.

The currency name Ariary derives from Arabic al - riyal ago, the name for the silver 8 reales coins, which were common in the late 18th century from South America to East Africa.

From 1962, banknotes were in addition to the nominal value in francs and the corresponding value in Ariary. The first coins which had only a declaration of value in Ariary published in 1978. Especially in the capital Antananarivo and in the small price segment to 1000 Francs/200 Ariary the currency unit Ariary was still used during the Franc- time.

The issued between 1994 and 1998 banknotes to 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 francs are still legal tender.

Coins and banknotes

All issued since 1965 coins are still legal tender, although some values ​​carry only the old value expressed in Malagasy Franc. Since 1978 coins will be issued at 10 and 20 Ariary without a corresponding value expressed in francs. The italics in the table value levels are now no longer marked.